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Bobcares August Statistics

Bob does care and Bob wants to be open and transparent. We’re a team of open source fanatics and Linux enthusiasts, and in the spirit of openness, we want to share some of our statistics with you.

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Total Tickets Resolved



Average Response Time

11.7 minutes

Average Resolution Time

23.7 minutes

One-Hour Resolution


Response Time

An important element to every problem is acknowledgement and understanding. We aim to do that fast. Take a look for yourself.

Emergency Support

11.7 minutes
Average Response Time

Standard Support

23.7 minutes
Average Response Time

Resolution Time

Every problem must be resolved one way or another. We aim to complete the majority of tasks in a very short period of time, as time can be stress, money or pain for businesses and individuals. We aim to fix all problems with due care in an exceptional time.

Total chats

Total Phone Call Minutes

Avg. call length (mins)

Chat and Phone Support

One of the touch points we monitor every second is how quick we are to deal with our instantaneous touch points. Take a look at our statistics for chats & phone calls. We aim to never have people on endless holds and get them moving quickly after their problem is taken care of.