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Configure Amazon S3 via WHM – How we do it

by | Jan 9, 2021

Wondering how to configure Amazon S3 via WHM? Have a look at this article.

Here at Bobcares, we have seen several such AWS related queries as part of our AWS Support Services for AWS users, and online service providers.

Today we will take a look at the configuration process of Amazon S3.


Know more about Amazon S3

Amazon S3 stands for Simple Storage Service. It is a cloud platform that Amazon provides to store and download files.

In order to store the backups on a totally separate network, WHM can sync with this service.

Usually, we do add or remove data from the computer. For that, we need to take a proper backup so that if any unexpected things may occur and may destroy all the information. This generally happens due to accidental deletion or a hard drive failure.

For such situations, Amazon offers a cloud platform to store files.


Amazon S3 terminology

Amazon S3 terminology comprises of buckets. objects and keys.

  • Buckets are containers for the objects we have stored in Amazon S3. Every object is a file that is contained in a bucket.
  • Objects are the files that are stored in Amazon S3.
  • The key is the unique identifier for an object in a bucket.


How we configure Amazon S3 via WHM/cPanel

Now let’s take a look at how our Support Engineers configure the AWS S3.

configure amazon s3 via whm

  • First, we log into WHM and access Backup Configuration.
  • Next, we click on ‘Additional Destinations’.
  • After that, we select ‘Amazon S3’ and click ‘Create new destination’.
  • Now, we enter the details like Destination Name, bucket, access key ID, and secret access key.
  • Finally, we complete the process by clicking on ‘Save Destination’.

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In short, we can easily configure Amazon S3 via WHM by accessing the ‘Backup Configuration’. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers configure Amazon S3.

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