cPanel temporary URL – How to temporarily access your web sites!

cPanel temporary URL – How to temporarily access your web sites!

At Bobcares, we often deal with account migrations for web hosts, in our role as Outsourced Tech Support engineers. A common concern users have during such migrations is a way to verify their websites before they go live.

Today, we’ll discuss about how to temporarily access websites in two ways – Using cPanel temporary URL and local DNS hosts file – and our recommendations regarding the two options.

What is a cPanel temporary URL?

cPanel temporary URL is a link that helps users access their site via the server IP address, instead of the domain name. The format of this temporary URL is usually ‘http://ipaddress/~user/'.

The ‘ipaddress’ used is the server’s shared IP address. It can be replaced with the server’s hostname also. The name of the cPanel user account in the server is specified as the’user’ field of the URL.

This temporary URL feature is provided in servers that have the Apache module ‘mod_userdir’ compiled in. For add-on domains, the cPanel temporary URL is ‘http://ipaddress/~user/path_outside_public_html/’.

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What is the use of cPanel temporary URL?

The cPanel temporary URL is used when the domain name is not working. We’ve seen users contacting web hosts for their temporary URL, usually in two scenarios:

  1. Your customers are creating new websites and they would like to test it before making them public.
  2. Customers who migrate their accounts from another hosting to your server, want to confirm that everything is fine, before switching the DNS to your server.

For servers in which we’ve compiled in the ‘mod_userdir’ module, we provide customers with their temporary URLs when they request it.

However, for customers who run custom web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc., simply accessing the temporary URL would not show up their sites.

Due to the custom ‘SiteURL’ settings of these web applications, we update the URL settings in the corresponding configuration files and databases, to facilitate users who want to test their applications before making their sites live.

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