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Cloud like capabilities in Managed Services – How support was rapidly scaled up in response to heart bleed bug

Cloud like capabilities in Managed Services – How support was rapidly scaled up in response to heart bleed bug

Its a fine week end, and internal training sessions are on in full swing, here at Bobcares head quarters. Today’s hot topic is cloud server administration.

The trainer today drew an interesting parallel between a cloud server and Bobcares managed services. He explained how both cloud and Bobcares have the ability to effortlessly scale up their capabilities in response to a sudden spike in requirements.

While a cloud server can bank on the excess resources available at its disposal, Bobcares can dip into the excess talent pool we always have at our disposal.

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The specific case in point occurred on 28th April. The security manager of a web hosting company we support decided its safe to re-issue all certificates (after the infamous heart bleed SSL bug rendered all of them insecure).

This asked for a 116% increase in support load. Each client who bought a certificate from the company had to be contacted, and steps had to be taken to ensure that they have the latest certificates installed in their sites.

Bobcares quickly rose to the requirement of heart bleed bug mitigation, and additional staff was allocated within a day. The excess ticket load was resolved in a single shift time of 8 hours.

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Heart bleed bug mitigation is not the lone example of such short term scaling up we have done here at Bobcares. We have been giving on-demand excess staff to different hosting companies in response to situations like company mergers, new product roll-outs, third party data center outages, security events, etc.

Now that I think about it, Bobcares has always had cloud-like capability in managed services. Our clients are never left high and dry in a crunch situation.

We have the talent reserve to rise up to an un-foreseen support over head, with the customer not having to spend even an extra hour in office.

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Requirements in scalability are often referred to us by existing and prospective clients. Does your business have a concern about support scalability? Drop us a line, and we would be happy to talk to you.



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