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Web hosting monitoring – What is it and how to do it right provides Technical Support Services for web hosts, digital marketers, and other hosting providers.

As part of our work we monitor web hosting infrastructure, and make sure the services remain responsive at all times.

So, what does this involve? How do we make sure end-users are not affected at any time? (more…)

How to fix MySQL high CPU usage

How to fix MySQL high CPU usage

Majority of the web applications are database driven. MySQL is a popular database server for open source applications, but we’ve seen that it can cause performance issues in the long run.

MySQL databases grow in size, and tables fragment over time. This contributes to MySQL load spikes. So, protecting a server from MySQL high CPU issues requires close monitoring and periodic optimization.

MailBox quota exceeded email error – Top 5 causes, and how to fix it provides Outsourced Hosting Support to Web hosts and other hosting providers. Part of our services involve resolving technical support queries posted by hosting users.

A common support query posted by end users is – Emails bouncing with the error “550 MailBox quota exceeded“. (more…)

Top 8 causes for MySQL performance issues, and how to fix it

PHP-MySQL websites like WordPress are ridiculously simple to use. Which is why they are so popular.

But they are also infamous for their performance issues. Apache, PHP & MySQL often cause high server load, and drag down the website.

Here at Bobcares, we help website owners, digital marketers and web hosts recover from and prevent website performance issues.

Today, we’ll go through the top 8 reasons we’ve seen for MySQL performance issues, and how we fix them. (more…)

How to improve MySQL performance – A guide for web masters & web hosts

At one time or the other, every website owner will face a “slow MySQL” issue.

Then they google “how to improve MySQL performance“.

And what do they find? A lot of tech jargon that analyzes threadbare query performance.

That stuff can make anyone’s head hurt.

Which is why we’ve put together a list of things we do here at Bobcares to quickly fix MySQL performance issues in our customer websites. (more…)

Dedicated servers Vs Cloud – What is right for your business?

Dedicated servers Vs Cloud – What is right for your business?

Hundreds of articles on the internet delve into the pros and cons of dedicated and cloud servers, but not many really come to the crux of the question. What is right for ME?

This question gets asked quite often to our server administrators, and we regularly help service providers choose between dedicated servers, private cloud and public cloud, depending on factors unique to their business.

Here we will discuss the most common factors that affect the choice of infrastructure.



Server security monitoring – Why do it, and what to monitor

Server monitoring services are a dime a dozen. You get an alert when a service (HTTP, SMTP, etc.) goes down. But is that enough for you to keep your server safe and secure?

What if your server is vulnerable to a new software bug, or what if someone is trying to brute force your password? Wouldn’t you want to know, and take action?

That is why Server Security Monitoring is important. (more…)

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