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3 prime ingredients that help us deliver web server support par excellence

3 prime ingredients that help us deliver web server support par excellence

Web servers plays an integral role in web hosting, as they help render lightning fast websites for online businesses. But improperly configured or inadequately maintained web servers can cause website downtime and loss.

In our role as Outsourced Tech Support for web hosts, we provide specialized web server support aimed at delivering high speed and highly secure web servers.

We’ve learned that speed and security are the pivotal aspects for a web server. Today, we’ll see the prime ingredients of our service that help us deliver outstanding web server support for our customers.

A high-speed web server is the key!

In web hosting industry, the commonly installed web servers are Apache, IIS and NginX. We install and configure the web servers after analyzing the server OS and business requirements.

A web server that is installed with the default configuration may not suffice the growing web traffic or web application size. That’s why custom configuration and tweaking is important.

At Bobcares, our web server support specialists take special care and pay attention to detail while configuring web servers for our customers. We guide server owners in everything, from the choice of server specifications to an ideal resource planning.

To speed up the web server, we adopt several measures, such as:

  • Loading only the required web server modules to curtail resource usage.
  • Using run-time configuration settings for web server to speed it up.
  • Limiting resources allotted per user to avoid resource usage spikes.
  • Customized database, ASP, PHP and other service configuration to streamline the overall web server functioning.
  • 24/7 web server performance monitoring to keep an eye on the server traffic spikes.
  • Ongoing web server tweaking to cater to the growing business needs.

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In web server support, security matters!

Security is an aspect that is equally important as stability, when it comes to web servers. If the website content is not secure enough, or gets hacked, it would take the business for a toss.

Bobcares’ expert web server engineers identify all the loop holes that may pop up in a web server from time to time and protect against each of them with our top security measures.

While certain servers may require specific web server version for their functioning, we usually always go for the latest web server and kernel versions for both security and feature sets. Other security tweaks we do include:

  1. Hardening the file system and securing the server binaries and config files.
  2. Configuring server firewalls and web application firewalls to wade away attackers.
  3. Encrypting web server and web sites using SSL/TLS to secure the data transmitted.
  4. Securing the web server modules and disabling unwanted modules in the server.
  5. Disabling weak encryption protocols and ciphers in the web server.
  6. Scanning the web server for suspicious processes and malicious scripts.
  7. Isolating the application environments to avoid a vulnerability in one affecting another.
  8. Securing the other web related services such as database, mail, DNS, etc.
  9. Setting up fool-proof backup system to handle disasters and data loss.
  10. Keeping both the web server and application software updated to the latest secure versions.

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Reliable web server management is a must!

Once the initial setup is done, we constantly maintain the performance and availability of the web servers with our ongoing web server support services.

Whenever web server gets slow or an error occurs, we follow a systematic 3-step approach to fix the issue.

  1. Find the over-loaded resource – Server has many resources such as CPU, memory, I/O, etc. We examine the ‘top’ results for sometime to pinpoint the problematic resource and service first.
  2. Find the service hogging that resource – Web has many related services such as mail, database, etc. Any of these can abuse the resource. So we identify and tweak the problematic service.
  3. Find the user abusing that service – In a shared server, there may be multiple accounts and not everyone may abuse the service. So, we detect and suspend the abusive user after close examination.

In addition to the web server issue debugging, we also monitor the website performance regularly to check the effectiveness of web server tuning performed and to speed it up by further tweaking, if required.

There is not one-size-fits-all solution for all web servers. So, Bobcares engineers also design and configure custom web server architecture using NginX, Apache, or a combination of both, to provide high speed web service for our customers.

If you’d like to know how to manage your web servers efficiently for your business purposes, we’d be happy to talk to you.



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Bobcares provides Outsourced Web Hosting Support and Outsourced Server Management for online businesses. Our services include 24/7 server support, help desk support, live chat support and phone support.

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