Windows server management & support

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Windows servers offer a stable platform to run business critical services, but just like any other system, Windows servers are often affected by security issues, system errors and performance issues. Proactive management of Windows infrastructure is critical to ensure business reliability. This is where Bobcares can help.

Bobcares helps businesses and hosting providers maintain high service quality and reliability. We proactively maintain your infrastructure, and help you (and your customers) resolve technical issues.

End-user technical support

IIS web server support

Everyone loves a fast, highly available website. But issues like application pool errors, user permissions, network permissions, etc. can cause websites to go down. We monitor your IIS services 24/7, promptly fix service failures, and help your customers recover from website errors.

Control panel support

Control panels offer an easy way to manage websites, but some advanced features such as scheduled tasks, SSL management, etc. can at times get complicated. Our Plesk, WebsitePanel and DotNetPanel experts help your customers quickly resolve account management issues.

Mail server support

A fast and spam free email service is key in ensuring business productivity. We help your customers troubleshoot email configuration/delivery issues, and keep your email servers (such as Smartermail, Mailenable and Exchange) running smoothly.

Database support

Every modern website stores its site data in a database. A database error in a shared server can cause downtime for hundreds of websites hosted in it. Our MSSQL and MySQL experts are at hand 24/7, and help your customers quickly recover from database errors.

DotNetNuke support

DotNetNuke (DNN) makes it easy to build a great website in a short time, but it has several software dependencies that can break the website. We help your customers fix DNN errors, resolve database version conflicts, and upgrade DNN to the latest version.

Backup management

Backups are your safety net. Through data recovery tests, backup process fault monitoring, and continual improvement of backup systems, we ensure that you always have a reliable system and data backup to restore at a moment’s notice.


Server security

Security of a Windows server can be guaranteed only through multi-layered security, reinforcing the defenses through frequent testing, and constant updates. Given below are a few of the common security administration procedures.

24/7 emergency administration

Today’s resource hungry applications not only need services to be available, but also be highly responsive. With 24/7 monitoring and emergency administration, we ensure your Windows servers meet the performance standards.

Infrastructure setup

We aid in decision making and successful deployment of new systems by evaluating benefits of different hardware technology, far sighted capacity planning, and seamlessly integrating servers into the current infrastructure.

Business infrastructure management

Website management

Maintaining a website comes with many challenges such as installing security patches, releasing new site features, maintaining server performance, etc. We take care of everything needed to keep your website running like a well oiled machine.

Email services management

With new mobiles, tablets and desktop operating systems hitting the market all the time, email users often need assistance in re-configuring their email accounts to suit new device settings. We help your mail system users focus on work, and not the technology.

Database management

As the size of your business applications grow, the database size grows proportionately. It could lead to several bottlenecks in I/O, memory, paging, etc. We help you maintain, optimize and scale your database systems using clustering, load balancing, etc.

Active Directory management

A business environment is very dynamic. Roles and functions keep changing, employees keep transitioning in and out of projects, and new work groups are formed all the time. We help you keep on top of all these bustling activity with professional Active Directory management.

Exchange management

Backups are automated in OnApp, but issues such as disk errors, space overages, load spikes, etc. can cause backups to fail. We keep a close eye on the backup process, and check data integrity periodically, so that you get an up-to-date and 100% reliable backup at any point of time.


Security maintenance

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to server security. We help you achieve compliance to security standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA SAS 70, etc., and keep your infrastructure bullet proof through periodic security audits and hardening.

Backup management

Backups are like parachutes. When it is needed, it should work flawlessly. With daily backup process monitoring and data integrity checking, Bobcares helps you maintain a fully available, up-to-date and 100% usable backup at any point of time.

Disaster recovery

Life is full of surprises. Some are un-pleasant, like a server crash. We help you design, implement and maintain a fool-proof disaster recovery solution that’ll bring your business back online from a catastrophic failure, with little data loss.


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End-user Technical Support

Provide expert assistance round the clock. 

Our experts are online 24/7 to help your customers resolve any service related issue over phone, email, help desk or live chat. We routinely fix issues that range from simple mail errors to complex boot errors. .sadasd

Recommended for: Hosting service providers who want to deliver prompt technical support 24/7. Our service includes:

Server Infrastructure Management

Ensure server speed, security & uptime.

We monitor and maintain your services so as to ensure high uptime, security and speed. Our experts make sure that your server doesn’t go through an un-scheduled downtime, and in case of failues, restore services within minutes.

Recommended for: Server infrastructure owners who need expert assistance in ensuring high quality of service. Our service includes:


24/7/365 availability


100% white labeled


Email & Help desk support


US based phone support


Live chat support


Response and resolution time SLAs


Dedicated quality assurance team


VM/Web hosting specialization


Certified information security


Certified support quality


Security monitoring


Performance monitoring


Server health monitoring


24/7 emergency support


Periodic server hardening


Regular performance optimization


Vulnerability monitoring and patching


Timely system updates


Backup & DR management


High availability maintenance

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