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Add MySQL Service in websitepanel – How we perform

by | Mar 19, 2021

Wondering how to add MySQL service in websitepanel? We can help you do it.

Sometimes, errors can occur while adding the MySQL Service. This might occur due to some compatibility issues.

Here at Bobcares, we help website owners to add MySQL service in websitepanel as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, in this blog we are going through the process of adding MySQL service in websitepanel and some common errors.


How to add MySQL service in websitepanel

Now let’s see how our Support Engineers add MySQL service in websitepanel.

  1. First, we download the installation file from the below URL:
  2. Here, we choose to skip registration and start the download.
  3. Next, we run the .msi file to start the installation and click “Next” when prompted.
  4. After that, we select the product to upgrade, then click “Next“.
  5. Then we click “Execute” to apply the update and click “Next” to configure the product.
  6. In case, if we already have a database within the server, the installer will check and update the database. Here, we enter the correct password and then press “Check“, then press “Next” once the connection is successful.
  7. We then click “Execute” to apply the configuration, then “Next” to finish this part of the installation.
  8. After that, we click “Next” to proceed.
  9. Once the installation completes, we click “Finish” to continue.
  10. This shows the product we have installed. Now we can close the installer or click “Add…” to install additional products such as MySQL Server version 5.7.
  11. Then we select the “CONFIGURATION” tab and click “Servers” from the drop-down list.
  12. Next, we click on “My Server“. After that, we scroll down and search for the “MySQL 5” tab.
  13. We click on the small “Add” beside the “MySQL 5” tab to add MySQL service to WebsitePanel.
  14. From the drop-down list, we choose the version of MySQL that had been installed, then click “Add Service“.
  15. A message will pop up saying that installation of MySQL Connector/Net is required, we follow the instructions and download the installer.
  16. Then we run the downloaded installer but we DO NOT choose “Typical Installation“, instead we choose “Custom Installation” and remove the entire “Web Providers” section from our installation as it will give a nasty error after installation. We proceed with the installation by clicking “Next” and then “Install“.
  17. Finally, we return to the MySQL Service Properties page. Here, we enter the password with the password used to login to the MySQL root account and then click “Update” at the bottom of the page. If the password entered is correct, the MySQL service will be successfully added to the list of server services.


Common errors

One of our customers approached us with the below error message.

Error while installing service on the remote server

Usually, this error occurs while configuring MySQL service in Websitepanel. cx

This error occurs with the MySQL Net Connector 6.3.7, which might not be compatible with the WebsitePanel version. So, we need to install MySQL Net Connector 6.2.5 using the below URL:

  • First, we select MySQL Connector/Net version 6.2.5 and select the platform as Microsoft Windows. Next, we select the appropriate Windows platform of MSI Installer.
  • Then we download the connector.
  • After that, we select the installer as per the location.
  • Finally, we install this .msi file in our VPS and complete the configuration steps. In this way, we can install MySQL Net Connector 6.2.5, in order to avoid the configuration error in WebsitePanel of our VPS.

[Still, not able to add MySQL service? – We’d be happy to help you]



Today, we saw how our Support Engineers add MySQL service in websitepanel.


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