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Ansible copy files from local to remote – How we do it easily!!

Are you stuck with Ansible copy files from local to remote? We can help you with it. 

Ansible is an effective and popular open-source automation and configuration management tool.

At Bobcares, we often receive requests to copy files as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s have a deep look at how our Support Engineers do it easily for our customers.


Why Ansible copy files from local to remote?

Have a vague idea about Ansible? Let’s make it clear.

So, with the increasing complexity of IT environments, the importance of automation has also increased.

Therefore, we prefer automation tools and it frees up time and increases efficiency.

And, ansible is one such open-source automation tool. It aims to provide large productivity gains to a wide variety of automation challenges.

But, we often end up in errors while trying to copy files from local to remote.


How we copy the files?

So far we’ve discussed the error, now let’s discuss how we can copy these files easily. In Ansible, we copy files using the copy module.

By using copy modules, we can copy files from local servers to remote servers, between remote servers(only files), change the permission of the files, etc.

src is the local path to a file to copy to the remote server.

And, dest is the remote absolute path where the file should be copied to.


Copying files from a local to the remote server

Recently, one of our customers approached us for help to copy his files from the local machine to the remote server.

He wanted to move his file file1.txt in the home directory on the local machine to /tmp directory on the remote server.

And, the default permission for the file is 0644. Our Support Engineers used the following task to do it.



Sometimes, the file will be already present on the remote server. And if the source file’s content is different, then it will modify the destination on running the task.

So, modifying the force parameter to “no” can control this setting.


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In short, we can do ansible copy files from local to remote by setting the src and dest parameters properly. In today’s writeup, we’ve seen how our Support Engineers do it easily for our customers.


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