Server Management

24/7 monitoring and complete maintenance of your server

  • Experts monitor your server 24/7
  • We quickly recover failed services
  • We keep your server updated, secured and optimized



Server Management plan

Starting at $25/mo

We’ll monitor, audit and secure your server so that you can get the best performance and uptime for your server, VPS or cloud instance.



Initial server standardization

Every server is different. We’ll review your server and implement industry best practices to secure and improve its performance.


Security monitoring

This is not just machine monitoring. Real people monitor server events 24/7 to prevent security issues such as brute force attacks, spamming, hack attempts, DoS, etc.


Performance monitoring

Performance parameters such as CPU usage, Disk I/O, server load, etc. are monitored round the clock to prevent service quality deterioration.


Server health monitoring

Software RAID errors, Memory issues, Network errors, etc. are quickly detected and rectified by 24/7 server health monitoring.


24/7 emergency response

Our 24×7 Incident response team swings into action the moment an issue pops up. We detect and fix issues before serious damage can occur to applications or websites.


Periodic server hardening

New methods of attack, and malware come out all the time. Server security settings are reviewed and updated periodically to ensure fool-proof security.


Regular performance optimization

Performance issues like database lag, page load time, etc. are audited periodically, and services are re-optimized to ensure fast page loading.


Vulnerability monitoring & patching

Our security engineers keep track of latest vulnerabilities, and patch your server to pre-empt any possible attacks.


Keep system software updated

Software updates can cause dependency errors. Our server experts ensure smooth upgrades by resolving software conflicts.


Backup and system recovery management

We monitor your backup process, test backup integrity, and in case of a system crash, help you recover data from backups.


On demand server administration

Need help with anything else? Whether it is migration, software install or more, you’ll receive on-demand support from our experienced server management team at our discounted rate of only $39/hour.

24/7 server monitoring & support

All alerts look the same. It takes an expert to identify if an alert is benign or a hack attempt on your website. Our team of computer engineers monitor your servers 24/7, and quickly resolve server issues.

Server updates

Never again worry about missed updates or broken applications. We monitor your server for new updates, and apply security patches and feature releases without breaking application dependencies.


Performance tuning

Our experts monitor your servers 24/7 and rescue your server from load spikes. We periodically audit your server for performance bottlenecks, and tweak settings to keep your server lightning fast.

Backup management

Backups are your insurance against server failures. We monitor your backup process, fix failed backups, test backup integrity, and more, so that in case of a server crash, your business gets a soft landing.

Security audits & vulnerability patching

Server security is an ever changing battle field. New vulnerabilities are found every day, and hackers continually create new attack tactics to exploit them.

Security experts at Bobcares quickly patch your server when a new vulnerability is disclosed. On top of that, we periodically audit your server and harden network, services and other system settings to keep your server immune to attacks.

Want your server infrastructure managed? 

Let us help you. Over 250 service providers that include online publishers to app owners and web hosts to SaaS providers use Bobcares to keep their server infrastructure stable & secure. If you’re looking for complete infrastructure management, we’d happy to talk to you. 


Supported technologies

Server systems

Linux or *nix

  • Redhat / CentOS / Fedora
  • Debian / Ubuntu
  • FreeBSD
  • Cloud Linux


  • Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016
  • Office 365

Web servers

  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Litespeed
  • IIS
  • Varnish

Database servers

  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Galera / NDB

Mail servers

  • Postfix
  • Exim
  • Qmail
  • Exchange


VPS systems

  • Hyper-V
  • KVM
  • Proxmox / LXC
  • OpenVZ
  • Xen
  • Virtuozzo / Parallels Cloud
  • SolusVM
  • Virtualizor

Cloud systems

  • VMWare
  • OnApp
  • AWS
  • oVirt / RHEV

Web hosting


Control panels

  • cPanel/WHM
  • Plesk
  • Direct Admin
  • InterWorx
  • ISP system
  • ..and more

Web apps

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • DNN
  • ..and more

Billing / Ticketing

  • OTRS
  • HostBill
  • SalesForce
  • ..and more

Unrivaled expertise

Bobcares techs are not just techs. We’re staffed by fully qualified Computer Science Engineers with years of experience in web hosting, technical support, server management and cloud technologies. When you hire Bobcares techs, your company benefits from our 15+ years of industry experience and collective expertise of 300+ support engineers.

Certified information security

We care about the security of your information. Which is why chosen the toughest security standard for hosting industry, ISO 27001:2013, to protect your customer info, server logins, service agreements, and more.

Our customers our work

Very good knowledge of Linux/System Admin

Bobcares services are Great, Friendly, Supportive, 24×7 Available. All Tech People are great & friendly too with very good knowledge of Linux/System Admin. Amar is very nice guy, and always ready to listen his clients requirements & suggestions.

Hemant Kumar


Great partner for remote-hands work

I am very happy with the services provided for our SaaS security products by Bobcares – we have found them to be a great partner for all support activities and remote-hands work. I would totally recommend this team!

Anirban Banerjee

Co-Founder, Stop The Hacker

Bobcares solves issues within minutes

I have never been more impressed with a company than I have with Bobcares. Their techs are amazing. They get to the bottom of issues extremely fast, usually within minutes of submitting a ticket. I would TOTALLY recommend Bobcares to anyone.

Thomas Stempien

Agribusiness Publications

Why Bobcares

We know web hosting

Our team supports hundreds of web hosting companies like yours, with the support tailored to match their unique needs.

We champion small business

Bobcares started small in 1999 as a small business, and we built our foundation by helping online SMB businesses make their mark. We value entrepreneurship, and empower companies to grow.

We are trusted

We’ve been consistently rated the top outsourced support provider for the past 15+ years. Over 250+ customers entrust us to resolve close to 52,000 support queries per month and keep their 47,000+ servers fast and secure.

Think no more. Get the best care for your server.