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Cloud Hosting Support – Hire inhouse or outsource?

Cloud hosting is here to stay. The cloud-enabled SaaS, PaaS and IaaS keep growing year on year (13.38% as per Gartner 1). And people adopt it because it's easy to setup and use. You can get a web server online in 3 clicks. But that doesn't mean cloud hosting is 100%...

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Benefits of virtualization for small and mid-sized businesses

"If it ain't broke don't fix it." It's a common sense advice, and many IT managers use this to explain why their infrastructure isn't virtualized yet. Server virtualization technologies have been around for more than a decade now, but some businesses prefer the proven...

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How to clear Docker cache and save disk space

You can spin up a Docker container in a few seconds. A quick "docker run" command, and voila, your shiny new app is online. But this simplicity often leads to a performance bottleneck - High Disk Space usage. Docker focuses on fast container deployment, and doesn't...

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How to speed up Apache webserver for maximum Performance

These days, everyone expects sites to be super fast. For instance, Google's LightHouse audit tool recommends that a page should load within 1.2 seconds. Yes, 1.2 seconds sound steep, but what if your competitors heed that advice? They are likely to get better SEO...

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How to improve php performance with web hosting server tweaks

The web is overrun with PHP. As per statistics, 83.6% of all websites run on PHP [1]. So, for web hosts, ensuring good performance for PHP is a matter of necessity, not of choice. Here at Bobcares, we help web hosts deliver highly responsive PHP hosting through server...

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Web hosting monitoring – What is it and how to do it right provides Technical Support Services for web hosts, digital marketers, and other hosting providers. As part of our work we monitor web hosting infrastructure, and make sure the services remain responsive at all times. So, what does this involve? How do we...

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7 causes for PrestaShop white page, and how to fix it

As an Server Administration Service provider, we often get support requests from Prestashop owners. A common error we've seen is the "Prestashop white screen" or the "Prestashop blank page". There are many reasons for this error to happen. Listed here are the top few...

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