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Benefits of CageFS

Customer satisfaction is our major goal which ultimately leads to business growth. For attaining this, the major facts to emphasis upon are server security, minimum downtime, maximum utilization of the available resources, bring down operational cost etc.

With regards to server security, CageFS which works with cloud linux is an option.



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What is CageFS?


CageFS is a virtual file system that encapsulates each shared hosting customer in his/her own private virtual space. It contains a set of tools which contain the users in it own resource limits or a ‘cage’. Each customer will have its own fully functional CageFS, with all the system files, tools, etc.


Advantages of CageFS:


Handling Hackers
CageFS prevents hackers from scanning the server for vulnerable files, and escalating privileges to gain root access.



Virtual Private Area
CageFS ensures that users cannot see any other user and will have no way to detect the presence of other users in the server.


Free Software
CageFS becomes part of CloudLinux OS and there is no additional charge for it.


Isolation from Server Configuration files
CageFS also prevents users from viewing the server configuration files, such as Apache config files.


Compatibility with cPanel
CageFS comes with plugin for WHM that allows us to manage & update CageFS. We can view as well as change the default behavior of the users using the frontend panel itself. Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx and ISP Manager are also fully supported and can be integrated with CageFS.


Ease of Installation and Configuration
CageFS has the advantage that it can automatically detect cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, ISP Manager and InterWorx configuration from the server. This leads to less time needed to install the software and configure it.


Ease of Managing Users
CageFS can be operated in two modes and toggling of users between modes is possible from the frontend. The two supported modes are as follows.
1. Enabled for all, except those that are disabled.
2. Disabled for all, except those that are enabled.

Mode #1 is convenient for production operation, where we can add all new users automatically to CageFS.
Mode #2 is convenient while you test CageFS, as it allows you to enable it one by one for your customers.


In a shared hosting environment, CPU and IO usage are the most critical bottlenecks. When a user installs a CPU hungry plugin/software in his account, then other users hosted in the server are deprived of the resources. With CageFS this circumstance can be completely neglected, resulting in higher server stability and security. This ultimately results in less support calls and hence happier customers. This will initiate a chain of events ultimately resulting in business expansion and more profit.


Implementation of CageFS:


CageFS installation is simple and can be done by yum install. CageFS comes with the plugin for WHM/cPanel.


Plesk Panel
CageFS also contains the plugin for Plesk panel. There are user interfaces for managing the users and CageFs from the front end.


The above is a very rough outline of CageFs , if you have any questions, we would be happy to talk to you! 🙂

About the Author :

Balaji P Pai works as a Junior Software Engineer in Bobcares. He joined Bobcares in January 2012. He loves playing football and watching TV during his free time.

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Arundhati Rath works as a Software Engineer in Bobcares. She joined Bobcares in June 2011. She loves listening to music in her free time.




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