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How to deliver the best managed WordPress hosting using multisite network

How to deliver the best managed WordPress hosting using multisite network

A quick look at Google Trends will show you that WordPress hosting is hot, and is getting hotter by the day. Almost all major web hosting providers now offer specialized WordPress hosting plans, and there are web hosts who focus exclusively on WordPress hosting.

In our role as Outsourced hosting support specialists for web hosts, our key priority is to help our customers provide the best managed WordPress hosting for websites, which enables them to be the industry-best WordPress hosting providers.

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Google Trends – The graph keeps going up and up!

Unmanaged Vs managed WordPress hosting

The rise of WordPress hosting is fueled by webmasters looking for a hassle-free way to setup and maintain a blog under their own domain name. Users don’t want to think about database settings, optimization, upgrades or other complexities that can affect their site popularity.

To tap into this market, the easiest way for an established web host is to re-package their one-click installers (eg., Softaculous, Installatron, etc.) as WordPress hosting solutions.

It allows webmasters to keep their WordPress updated, backed up, and even clone into new sites if needed. This way, the web host doesn’t have to invest in a new technology or method, which allows them to offer the best managed WordPress hosting at a low price tag.

However, this approach allows the user to install any untested plugin or theme on their sites, which can in turn lead to security or performance issues.

The host is responsible only to provide the features and auto-update options. It is up to the webmaster to use those features wisely. The issue with that is, a significant percentage of web owners wouldn’t know what plugins or themes or settings can cause their site to perform poorly.

Managed WordPress hosting goes one step further to take the responsibility of maintaining security, performance and features of WordPress sites hosted on their servers.

The server environment, WordPress software packages, and server settings are optimized for WordPress performance, security and search engine ranking. The most effective way to do this is through WordPress multi-tenant hosting using WordPress multisite network.

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How to offer the best managed WordPress hosting services

Since WordPress 3.0, multisites or WordPress MU (WPMU) is a part of the default WordPress package. It allows you to run multiple websites on a single WordPress installation.

You can control which themes and plugins each user can access, and what features to give out to each customer. Here’s a quick look at how to enable multi-tenant hosting with WordPress multisite network.


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