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Bob’s World Clock crossed 15000 installs – A peek at how it was achieved

Bob’s World Clock on Nov 13th crossed a critical milestone by reaching 15,000 android users. It coincided with the release of version 2.0.6 of the app.

This is a major milestone for the app, and the development team is ecstatic about the usage stats.

Bob's World Clock

The world clock app developer Ravi Ranjan explains what makes Bob’s world clock better than others.

“The design is made by professional graphics designers. Each aspect of its presentation, the details of its color and usability are run through various stages of design review. The features are also given as rigorous a review as the design. There just isn’t another better designed and good looking world clock app in the market. If you like to see your phone look classy, while giving you the accurate time around the world, Bob’s World Clock is your app.”


Of course, Ravi is passionate about his app, but he has some good stats to back him up. A good number of user feed backs via mail and reviews show that users love the way the app looks in their phone which goes with their theme.

The lead designer Midhunlal T. R. had the following to say about how the app was designed.

“The primary concerns were simplicity and portability. The design had to look worthy of an art award, while it needed to be simple enough for the developers to implement. It needed to be good looking across multiple resolutions. Approximately only one in 20 design ideas I gave ever made it to the app, and out of that not less than 35 revisions were required before it was finally approved for release. A lot of the quality criteria set for designing games were employed in creating this app.”


Midhunlal took most of the brunt of revisions and re-designs, and feels a little bruised by the hectic schedules, but there’s no other person more happy when a good feed back comes from a happy user.

Looking forward, the Smart Apps team has big ideas for the World Clock App. The project manager Haimanti B. has the following to say about the new milestone being crossed.

“World clock is a technology demonstrator for our design capability. We are happy that it crossed 15k downloads this month, with active design and development on it starting just from August this year. We started actively engaging users of our apps, and started providing features requested by them. We have an active fan following, even though small, for our app. Some really great ideas were put forth by the users, and we plan to release those in the coming weeks. The sorting feature that we released with version 2.0.6 was a popular request from users. One day we would like to see the World Clock app being used in every android phone we come across.”


Yes, that’s a very ambitious goal, but by the energy and passion of everyone in the Smart Apps team, one cant say it is an impossible one.

If you havent already done so,

Check out Bob’s World Clock in Google Play
Try it out, and do let us know your feed back. 🙂

About the author

is a senior software engineer at Bobcares. He has extensive experience in managing technical support teams of web hosting companies and data centers. He is passionate about systems engineering, and loves to get his hands dirty on systems automation. His free time is spent reading books and being with his family.

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