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CentOS Web Panel reseller account – Create it easily!

I am very much interested to work with CWP. But I have a question, does CWP have a reseller panel? I cannot find anything regarding it!

That’s one of the frequent questions received as part of our Server Migration Services.

Fortunately, CentOS Web Panel aka CWP offers a feature to manage the reseller account easily and efficiently.

Also, CentOS Web Panel works on CentOS 6, CentOS 7, RedHat 6 or CloudLinux 6 servers.

Today, we’ll see how our Migration Engineers add reseller account in CWP.


How we add reseller account in CentOS Web Panel

Usually, adding a normal account in a server will be pretty easy. But, that’s not the case with resellers. These resellers need privileges to control their sub-accounts.

Fortunately, the CentOS Web Panel allows creating a reseller account. The procedure to create a reseller account is similar to an end-user. The only difference is in the privileges of the plan assigned to the user.

Here, let’s see how our Support Engineers create a reseller account in CWP.

1. Initially, we log into the CWP control panel with administrative privileges.

2. Then, we create a new account. For that, we go to Menu -> User Accounts -> New Accounts.


CentOS Web Panel reseller account

  1. Domain name:- Primary domain for the account to create.
  2. Username:- Name for the user of the account.
  3. Password:- Password for the user.
  4. Admin Email:- an Email address for the account owner.
  5. Server IPs: IP address assigned to the account.
  6. Package:- Name of the package. We can choose a pre-existing reseller package here.
  7. Reseller: If the package needs the reseller privileges, we check this box.

3. After filling the above fields, we click on the Create button.

That’s it. We just created a new reseller account on the server.

But, we are not yet ready to add accounts under the reseller. The creation of a package is the most important part here. Ideally, we do this before creating a first sub-account under a reseller. We add and manage the packages via Packages >> Packages >> Add New Packages.


Migrating resellers in CentOS Web Panel

In general, creating a new reseller account appears pretty straight-forward.

But how about reseller migration?

Fortunately, CWP supports the migration of resellers too. In the cPanel Server Migration module, it accommodates the copying of all accounts including the migration of resellers too. This comes handy in the migration of cPanel servers.

Here, we will get the list of packages and accounts of the source cPanel server. It lists the already migrated packages and accounts with the label transferred. This includes the Reseller and suspended accounts too.

That is why our Migration Engineers double-check and confirm the availability of packages using the List Packages option.

And, this avoids any package conflicts during actual account migration.


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In short, a reseller account is a special CWP account that assigns unique privileges to the user. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers added a Centos Web Panel reseller account for our customers.


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