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Ceph Deploy Mon Create Initial Fails – How we fix it!!

Are you stuck with Ceph Deploy mon create initial fails Error? We can help you.

Ceph Mon is a part of Ceph which is a cluster monitor Daemon for the Ceph file system.

At Bobcares, we often get requests regarding the Ceph mon initial fails error, as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s see how our Support Engineers fix the Ceph error for our customers.


What is the use of Ceph Mon?

Ceph is a storage platform that can store a large amount of data. And it can be sorted into clusters as well as subclusters.

Ceph Mon is the daemon that is used to monitor the Ceph distributed file system.

The Ceph cluster has more than one Mon instance which increases reliability and availability.


How to fix Ceph Deploy Mon Create Initial Fails?

Recently one of our customers contacted us with the fix Ceph Mon Initial Fail error. Let’s discuss how our Support Engineers resolved the error for our customers.

The Ceph Deploy Mon Initial Fails occurs when installing the Ceph Cluster.

The Ceph Deploy Mon Create Initial Fails

The error happens when some parameters are missing from the /etc/ceph/ceph.conf file.

We resolve the error by adding some parameters like the Ceph node’s hostname, IP Address and the public network in the /etc/ceph/ceph.conf file.

mon_initial_members =
mon_host =
public_network =

We add the above parameters in the etc/ceph/ceph.conf file. And below is the example of the file after adding the parameters.

fsid = 5xcxxc76-a6x5-23x9e-ecdd-e7c9x3f4d
mon_initial_members = ceph1,ceph2
mon_host = 19x.1xx.xx.xx,1xx.16x.xx.xx
auth_cluster_required = cephx
auth_service_required = cephx
auth_client_required = cephx
filestore_xattr_use_omap = true
public_network = 1xx.1xx.x1.0/24

After adding the parameters we run the below command.

$ ceph-deploy --overwrite-conf mon create <ceph-node>

We make sure that the hostname on the server is the same in the ceph.conf file. Adding the IP Address and the hostname to the /etc/ceph/ceph.conf file fixes the error Ceph Mon Create Initial Fails Error.


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In short, the Ceph Deploy Mon Create Initial Fails happens when installing the Ceph Cluster. Also, we’ve discussed how our Support Engineers fix the error for our customers.


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