How to fix when cPanel temporary URL is not working in Litespeed servers

In cPanel servers that are running Lightspeed web server, we recently came across an issue after the latest cPanel update. The temporary URLs to access domains (IP/~username) stopped working.

While temporary URLs are disabled in some servers to protect bandwidth and for security reasons, there are many web hosts who provide this feature to their customers.

Today we’ll see what causes the temporary URL feature to stop working and how to fix it.

Why did cPanel temporary URL stop working?

cPanel temporary URL can be used by customers whose domain names are not properly resolving due to any DNS issues, mainly in these two scenarios:

  1. When customers are creating new websites and they want to test it before making them public.
  2. Customers who migrate their accounts from another hosting to your server, want to confirm that everything is fine, before switching the DNS to your server.

Using temporary URLs, customers can access their website using URLs such as “http://hostname/~username” or “http://IP-address/~username”.

This is possible with the help of a module called mod_userdir in web server. In WHM, there is a ‘mod_userdir’ tweak that can be used to configure this temporary URL feature.

But after the latest cPanel update, this temporary URL feature stopped working in servers that used Litespeed as the web server. Servers with Apache had no issues though.

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How to get temporary URL feature to work in Litespeed servers

While Litespeed support team has intimated that they would fix the temporary URL feature in the next build LSWS 5.1.16 automatically, until then, here is the work around to get temporary URL feature working in your servers.

You can add “mod_passenger” to LSWS configuration “ignore apache configuration”. The feature to set is in the page ‘LSWS Web Admin Console -> configuration -> server -> general -> “ignore apache configuration”‘.



Add module to ignore list


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