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Default PHP settings in OpenLiteSpeed webserver

by | Feb 18, 2021

Want to know about the default PHP settings available in OpenLiteSpeed? We can help you.

OpenLiteSpeed supports PHP. This has a major advantage of better security, stability, and the ability to handle multiple connections.

As a part of our Server Management Services, we assist our customers with several PHP queries.

Today, our Support Engineers will give a quick guide on the default PHP settings in OpenLiteSpeed.


PHP and OpenLiteSpeed

OpenLiteSpeed is a web server that comes along with an admin GUI. Even though OpenLiteSpeed supports PHP, it is not embedded in OpenLiteSpeed.

Basically, it executes PHP using external applications. OpenLiteSpeed uses either of the two PHP SAPI interfaces. One is LiteSpeed SAPI (LSAPI). Whereas the other is FastCGI SAPI (FCGI SAPI).

These interfaces allow OpenLiteSpeed to communicate with external applications.  However, OpenLiteSpeed recommends using LSAPI as it is built for it.

Handling PHP in OpenLiteSpeed requires two components – an external PHP handler like LSAPI and a script handler.

PHP is not default in OpenLiteSpeed as it commonly is in Apache. Hence, we need to configure it to use the PHP external application and script handler.


The default PHP settings in OpenLiteSpeed

The OpenliteSpeed has a minimum build PHP version, a script handler, and an external application.

The default PHP external application is lsphp. To view its default settings we navigate as, Server Configuration >> External App >> lsphp:

openlitespeed default php

Similarly, the script handler maps PHP files to lsphp. To view its settings navigate as, Server Configuration >> Script Handler >> lsphp

openlitespeed default php

So far we saw the default PHP settings in the OpenLiteSpeed webserver.

We can add more script handlers and external applications to process PHP on the server.

However, the default settings just serve the minimum requirements.

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In short, by default OpenLiteSpeed support PHP with external application and script handler. Today, our Support Engineers gave the default settings for LSAPI.


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