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Quickly deploy VM from template using WHMCS oVirt module

Quickly deploy VM from template using WHMCS oVirt module

For web hosts who are into VPS hosting business, having a mode for fast deployment of the VMs is crucial to gain an upper hand in the market. No customers are ready to wait for ages to get their VMs ready.

When a VM is created, it has to be associated with a datacenter, host, cluster, or resource pool, and a datastore. Other configuration settings in a virtual machine include the CPU, memory, storage, and network connectivity.

Manually creating a VM each time by assigning all these parameters and settings, is a hectic and time-consuming task and would delay the deployments and cause overhead to the web hosts.

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Quick deployment of VMs using templates

To facilitate easy creation of VMs for customers, virtualization solutions such as oVirt comes with the ‘Template’ feature. A template is basically a copy of the virtual machine.

Template includes a copy of the entire virtual machine, including its settings, any configured virtual devices, installed software, and other contents of the virtual machine’s disks. Using a template, multiple clones for that VM can be created easily in a click.

For web hosts who offer a variety of VM configurations to their customers based on their plans and packages, using templates helps to bring consistency too, along with the time savings.

Some of the benefits of using VM templates are:

  1. Saves a lot of time in VM deployment
  2. Minimises the errors or misconfiguration that can happen
  3. Easy to create a VM based on its allotted package

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WHMCS oVirt module feature to quickly deploy VM from template

To facilitate web hosts to easily manage their oVirt VMs via WHMCS portal, Bobcares recently launched the WHMCS oVirt module. Using this oVirt addon in WHMCS, users can easily manage their account and VMs.

One of the key features in this WHMCS oVirt module is the provision for its customers to create new VMs from their WHMCS account using the oVirt templates.

Customers are provided with a ‘Create VM’ form in their WHMCS, using which they can create new VMs with the templates listed in the oVirt repository.

By integrating the oVirt API into WHMCS, the template list for VMs would show all the templates created in oVirt, and customers can choose the ones they want, as allowed by their plan.


Deploy VM from template

Deploy VM from template


This saves the time and effort that would otherwise be involved for the web host having to create VMs from the oVirt management interface and then assigning it to different customers.

For customers who want automated provisioning feature for their VMs, the module provides that option too. The created VMs can be edited in future and managed via this oVirt module.

In addition to the already available feature list in the module, we also provide web hosts with the custom features and tweaks that they ask for. Bobcares’ expertise in various billing portals and management software, help us integrate these systems in very less time.

If you’d like to get a custom quote for integrating your VM management portal or other software systems into your billing system to make things easier for you and your customers, contact us now.



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