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VM console access for easy administration of your oVirt Virtual machines from WHMCS

VM console access for easy administration of your oVirt Virtual machines from WHMCS

In our role as Outsourced hosting support specialists for web hosts, we help setup and maintain various virtualization solutions for hosting businesses.

oVirt is a commonly configured open source virtualization system for web hosts who want to take advantage of the benefits of virtualization in their hosting services.

In addition to the virtualization system, most webhosts also have a billing and account management portal such as WHMCS that help their customers manage their accounts.

For ease of management, better control and security of these various portals, Bobcares recently launched a WHMCS module for oVirt management, that gives a single interface to users for managing both these portals.

Download oVirt Management Module for WHMCS

VM console access to manage Virtual machines

To perform operations and commands on their VMs, customers would require a feature to directly access their VM via a console. Our WHMCS oVirt module incorporates this feature too.

Using the ‘Console’ button for the particular VM, the owner of that VM can connect to his virtual machine. The console is like the remote control system of a VM, and enables users to work and interact directly with their virtual machines.

As the oVirt module is incorporated to the WHMCS of the customer, the ‘VM Manager’ would give access to the user only to the VMs listed under his ownership, which provides security and isolation.

The ‘Console’ button gets activated along with other functionalities such as Stop, Reboot, Shutdown and Suspend options, when a VM is started and is in a ‘Power on’ mode.



VM Console access


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Upon clicking the ‘Console’ button, customer would see a console launched for his VM. From this console, customers can perform activities in the virtual machine such as updating the server settings, running applications, monitoring performance, etc.

The console access in oVirt is implemented using SPICE (Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments) protocol. Users can access this VM console using the Remote Viewer application in their local machine.

Using this graphical console, users can login to his VM and work with it in a similar way as they would with physical machines. For safeguarding the data transmission via the console, we have secured the console access.



Remote console for oVirt VM


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At Bobcares, we also have 24/7 expert technicians who manage the entire ovirt infrastructure for web hosts by keeping them secure and updated, along with close monitoring and prompt trouble-shooting of any issues.

In addition to the already available feature list in the module, we also provide web hosts with the custom features and tweaks that they ask for. Bobcares’ expertise in various billing portals and management software, help us integrate these systems in very less time.

If you’d like to get a custom quote for integrating your VM management portal or other software systems into your billing system to make things easier for you and your customers, contact us now.



Efficient 2-in-1 WHMCS plugin for managing your oVirt VMs easily


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