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Django – The solution for perfectionists with deadlines

Django is that dream framework of developers who enjoy the freedom of the dynamically typed, Object Oriented, interoperable, cross platform and readable programming language – Python. Django is for Python, like Rails is for Ruby and Zend or CakePHP for PHP. In this post, we will delve into some of the awesome features of Django that make it stand out from the competition.


1. Ships with the features of a standard web framework
a) An extensible authentication system.
b) A caching system for speeding up the performance of applications.
c) A Feed framework for syndication
d) An extensible template and text filtering engine – Separate responsibility for logic and presentation – MVC
e) Form generation and validation API
f) Internationalization
g) Testing – Write tests easily – doc tests and unit tests

2. Effortless deployment
There are several frameworks where development is a fortune and deployment is a nightmare. But DJANGO projects have a well established way for deployment. There are lot of options and Apache is the popular choice.

3. Supports major databases
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and third party backend for MSSQL

4. Admin interface on the fly
The most exciting part of the Django framework is the quick generation of an admin interface, which revolutionizes the management of a content driven website, making it simply a breez.

Django Admin interface

5. Evolved from the real world
Django was born out of news industry where deadlines span a single day or even just a few hours. Features of Django has an urge to address real world scenarios.

6. Scales well
The story of over 1.4M daily visits and serving 500,000 pages/hour says that Django scales flawlessly

7. High speed
Several options to boost performance like using memcache, reducing HTTP requests etc

8. Less development time
a) Large standard library of modules that covers a wide range of tasks
b) Clean and exquisite syntax supported by an extensive documentation.

9. Keep URLs clean, user friendly and search engine friendly
Create flexible and elegant URL systems with the use of regular expressions. Developers can map URLs to a handler method.

10. One for many
One Django installation can run multiple websites, each with their own content and applications.


Django motivates rapid development throughout the project’s life cycle, even when the project grows large and complex. It surely justifies the title, being a worthy solution for perfectionists with deadlines.


About the Author :

Kiran has been working for Bobcares, as Sr. Software Engineer since April 2010. He is an expert in PHP based web development. He bags an experience of 3.8 years in the industry. His hobbies include blogging, listening to music and traveling. He is passionate about Zend framework, OO concepts and design, jQuery and much more

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