Enhanced Language Support in cPanel/WHM 11.25 : A Sneak Peek

Being a web host is not so easy. Find the perfect support team, manage server down alert nightmares, gauge customer needs and choose the best web hosting control panel to give them a delightful experience…. and what not?

Choosing the right support team and hosting control panel is not something you, as a web host would want to mess around with. To choose the perfect web hosting control panel for your customers, from the endless options out there can sometimes leave you clueless. To make this task easier and put an end to all the web hosting worries, cPanel has come up with a bunch of advanced hosting features, which will knock off all its top contenders from the hot spot. The team recently launched the latest version of Linux web hosting software — cPanel/WHM 11.25 and is planning to expand its technical offerings even further.

cPanel is known for integrating all those tedious website administration tasks into one easy to use, and user-friendly interface. With the launch of cPanel/WHM 11.25, the company is all set to install peace of mind and ease of use for its users. To start with, the home page is now revamped with a cleaner HTML and you now get attractive pages loading faster throughout the cPanel interface, with a well optimized CSS.

With this release, the team also brings in an enhanced intelligent language system. The language system used by the cPanel interface has now been tweaked to support RTL (Right to Left languages) too. At Bobcares, we have had Middle East and Asian customers, who experienced difficulties in translating English cPanel instructions. With cPanel 11.25, the company solves this RTL dilemma and provides its users, an easy and hassle free web tool.

The revised language system will facilitate accurate translations into any language. So, cPanel users can now bid goodbye to language translators and wholly concentrate on administering their website and emails.

For the starters: Changing the interface language is pretty easy. Access cPanel(http://domain.com/cpanel). Go to Preferences and click the Language icon.


Choose your preferred language, hit “Change”. Voila. You are done. Simple enough, right?


News has it that this new language system will be a foundation and a push for the company to translate WHM also, into languages other than English — which has never been possible before.
Well, this doesn’t end here. The company has much more in store for you with the latest release.(Read about this at: cPanel Software Updates)

So, cPanel 11.25 is now out there, all committed to make website/email administration easier and fun with a plethora of advanced features.With the latest cPanel in place, leveraging your business performance is surely going to be a cake walk. Why don’t you give it a try?

About the Author :

Veena Sivakumar has been with Bobcares for one year and four months as a Linux server administrator. Her technical expertise is in cPanel and Plesk web hosting control panels. Her passion for people, excellent communication skills and commitment to every task that she takes up, found her a place as a reporter for Poornam Media in October 2008. Today, she is the Bobcares Blog Editor. When she gets free time, she loves listening to music and reading science fictions.

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