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Error message Backup Database is terminating abnormally – How we fix it?

Oops!! Getting error message Backup Database is terminating abnormally? We can help you.

When a user interacts with Microsoft SQL Server, the chances of this error would appear is more. This can happen due to varying reasons

At Bobcares, we often get requests from our customers to fix the database backup termination error as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s get into the details on how our Support Engineers solve the backup database terminating problem.

Error message Backup Database is terminating abnormally

Every error that appears is accompanied by a unique error code, which helps to investigate the issue faster. The same error could appear due to different reasons as per the SQL Server version. Now, let’s see how Our Support Engineers deal with the respective codes 9001 and 3013 error.


Backup Database Is Terminating Abnormally Error Codes

Recently one of our customers faces below error while they execute database Backup operation.

Error message Backup Database is terminating abnormally

The error with event ID 9001, indicates that the database log file is not available. This happens when the log database file either was deleted or turned corrupt.

The error with event ID 3013 which appears when we performed the restoration of both the data and log files simultaneously.


1.SQL Server Database Error Code 9001

We fix the error code 9001 by trying the following methods.

a. Firstly, we run the CHECKDB Transact-SQL query to find out more about the error and later initiate the SQL Server instance restart. If the SQL Server instance doesn’t restart automatically, then we do a force restart.

b. We check that the SQL service account has the read-write access to Log Database File.

c. Then we check the Event Viewer to check the issue caused because of a deadlocked event.

d. We check the AutoClose option for the database is turned on or not. If yes, then we change the AutoClose state to false.

If the database backup (.bak) file is corrupt or damaged then we repair the backup file.


2.SQL Server Database Error Code 3013

Error with event ID 3013 appears while performing the restoration of both the data and log files simultaneously. The common causes of the error 3013 are given below.

  • Due to media failure on the backup.
  • Less network connection during the network database backup is under progress.

We fix the issue by using the following methods.

1. The first method is we check the security permission for the user.

  • To check we right-click on the backup file and select Properties.
  • Then we Go to Security Tab and check the Deny permission for Authenticated Users.
  • After that, Click on Edit and remove the Deny.

2. Second method is we manually delete the previous backup and enable the SQL server to execute new backups to the backup device. The command used for manual deletion of the last backup is given below.

“BACKUP DATABASE databasename TO DISK= ‘C:\databasename.bak’

3. Thirdly, If backup restoration is the cause for the incidence of this error, we fetch other database backup files from the device by specifying the file number. To confirm whether the device has more than one backup or not, execute the below code using Query Analyzer.


To specify a particular database backup set, we run the following query.

RESTORE DATABASE databasename FROM DISK=’C:\databasename.bak WITH FILE = FileNumber”

The file number specifies the backup set series that needs to be restored.


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In short, the error 9001, indicates that the database log file is not available and the error 3013 which appears while performing restoration of both the data and log files simultaneously. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers sort out the database error for our customers.


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