How to provide the fastest hosting for WordPress sites

How to provide the fastest hosting for WordPress sites

WordPress hosting is a widely emerging market in web hosting industry now. As the competition gets tougher, hosting companies strive to provide the best hosting services, in order to grab more customer base.

Every website owner would require his site to load within 2 seconds, which makes them opt for a reliable and high-speed hosting provider who can deliver that service at affordable pricing.

In our role as Outsourced hosting support specialists for web hosts, our key priority is to help our customers provide the fastest hosting for WordPress sites, which enables them to be the industry-best WordPress hosting providers.

See how we help WordPress hosting companies

Here, we’ll give you an overview of how we ensure fast WordPress sites in your hosting services. There are two ways we speed up the WordPress sites – 1. Server-side optimization 2. Website-level boost.

Website tweaks for fast WordPress hosting services

  1. Keep the WordPress sites updated to the latest WordPress version – We always ensure that the WordPress versions in the servers are the latest and secure ones. But care has to be exercised while upgrading, as some upgrades can break the website customization done. In such cases, we test the upgrade prior and perform manual update and restore to retain the features.
  2. Choose the right plugins – As some WordPress plugins installed by site owners may not be optimized and can slow down the performance, we audit the plugins and give recommendations for the best performing plugins that can aid site speed.
  3. Optimize the theme for the site – Website themes form the face of that site. This can cause website owners to blindly adopt visually appealing themes that may not be optimized for fast loading. We audit and identify those themes and also use plugins to offload static contents from the site to improve web site performance.
  4. Compress the images and files – Uncompressed files and not-properly-resized images can show up as broken in the site and take up so much bandwidth and loading time. Compressing and optimizing these files and images to the optimal size, helps to boost the site speed. Combining multiple files such as scripts and CSS into a single, optimized file, helps to load the site faster.
  5. Database optimization – WordPress is heavily dependent on the database and it stores many revisions and updates periodically, which can cause them to get bulky and slow down the site. We perform periodic database optimization to avoid that issue.
  6. Plugins for smart caching – Using smart plugins for caching the websites helps to reduce the time to load and improve the website speed to a great extent.

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Server-side optimization for fast WordPress hosting

While website optimization can vary from one site to another, we give more focus to the server optimization steps that have helped us ensure fastest hosting for WordPress sites. Those include:

  1. Browser caching feature for websites – Caching the CSS, Javascript and image files in a WordPress site can reduce the page load time for sites. We enable this in the servers with the help of caching modules such as ‘expires’ in Apache. But we configure these settings in such a way that the changes in the site are reflected to the visitors without delay.
  2. File compression for faster download – With suitable file compression methods, we’ve been able to compress the WordPress files such as CSS, JS and HTML to around one-tenth of their size using Apache modules such as ‘gzip’. This has helped us improve page speed considerably. To ensure that compression does not incur much CPU load, we also resort to static compression methods and caching web servers for heavily loaded servers.
  3. Improving the database performance – Over time, the WordPress database can grow in size and multiple queries get executed. To avoid issues like fragmentation causing poor database performance, we optimize the database periodically, detect and fix all bottlenecks, before they slow down the website. We tweak the critical MySQL server settings to ensure maximum performance and monitor these database metrics such as query latency, slow queries, memory usage, etc. for maintaining the speed of the sites.
  4. Upgrade to a fast PHP engine – Newer versions of PHP such as PHP 7, coupled with FPM and HHVM technologies, can boost the code execution speed to atleast twice compared to older ones. We setup and maintain web servers such as Apache, NginX, etc. and configure the latest PHP engines in them and constantly monitor and tweak the performance to ensure latest high-speed content delivery in the WordPress sites.
  5. Caching PHP execution results – Caching the PHP code using tools such as APC or X-Cache, helps to store executed code in the memory and to speed up the sites. If not configured right, these caches can affect site performance. At Bobcares, we setup and maintain efficient caching systems in our customers servers and deliver fast websites without incurring a resource overhead.
  6. HTML page caching – Along with PHP, HTML pages also form a major part of WordPress files. By caching these files using tools such as Varnish, we’ve been able to further speed up WordPress sites. But these caching system can cause resource overhead and errors at times, which we detect and resolve promptly with our ongoing 360 degree monitoring activities.
  7. Adopt HTTP/2 protocol – The new version of HTTP – HTTP/2 – offers many speed boosting features such as multi-file transfer per connection, compressed headers, etc for websites. By configuring SSL encryption for sites, we configure these sites to use the advanced protocol for fast loading.

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At Bobcares, our 24/7 server specialists constantly monitor all the services in the server and proactively audit the server for any vulnerabilities or performance issues in them.

With our systematic debugging approach for service or other software errors, we have been able to provide an exciting support experience to the customers hosted on WordPress hosting servers.

If you would like to know how to provide fastest hosting for WordPress customers in your servers, we would be happy to talk to you.



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