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Fun at Bobcares – With Merry Berries, every day is a day to celebrate!

The time was 7:30 am. All was set. Everyone at the front desk waited with bated breath. It wont be long now, and I should make my move.

Right on schedule, the sunshine yellow Tata Nano pulled up, and Agni stepped out for his tightly packed schedule at office. All usual smiles and hellos greeted him. He didnt notice a couple of suppressed giggles at the front desk, which were promptly put down by a smack over the heads from their co-workers.

Agni looked rushed. He seemed pre-occupied and distracted. Perfect! Probably didnt get time for his break fast either.

OK, its time!

I casually walk in to his cabin and ask, “Hey! wanna come for a coffee?”

“No man. Got a meeting in 35 minutes.”

Uh oh! Time to improvise. “Didnt you hear? The meeting got delayed. Everyone will be in only by 9:00”.

“Oh! is it? Nobody told me. Did someone try to call me?”

“No its in the mail. You let it download, and come for a quick coffee”

“OK then, lets get some caffeine.”

Hook, line and sinker! A few quick mouse clicks to download the mail, and off we went to the food court.

He didnt note a small gathering who were until then studiously avoiding him, has started following us. We walked out of the cabin, across the reception area, through the lobby, and then into the corridor leading to the food court.

That was as far as we got.

Agni froze in his tracks. Mouth agape, his eyes fixed on the wall – a mixture of amazement, glee and speechlessness writ large on his face. On the large noticeboard in the corridor was a neat collage of all popular photos he captured over the past couple of years. It included profile pictures of his kids, landscape pictures, travel pictures, travel profile pictures, and a myriad other assortment of photos which bore witness to his gifted eyes. On the side was a sheet of paper in which birthday wishes were written and signed by passers by.


Collage of photos by Agni - Fun at Bobcares

Collage of photos by Agni


Above the collage was written: Happy B’Day Agni!

Agni stood transfixed. Laughter broke all around, and every one started wishing him Happy Birthday. Hand shakes all around, and the birthday boy started posing for pictures with the collage which has always been a source of pride for him.


Happy Agni posing for photos - Fun at Bobcares

Birthday boy Agni posing for photos


He then had a word with Naveena who was part of the organizing committe. “Thank you! You made my day!

The Merry Berries had worked their magic once again. I’m happy to have helped them in their cause.

The Merry Berries are the angels of fun at Bobcares. No day is happy enough for them without some sort of celebration. They research meticuously, they plan in detail, and they execute their stealth operations to such perfection that it all seems easy.

Everyone at Bobcares knows the Merry Berries are at work in planning surprises. They expect to be surprised, but the Merry Berries always manage to one-up the birthday babies in delivering a spectacular display of caring.

While every Bob here works to touch the lives of every internet user, the Merry Berries work to touch the life of each Bob, and make them feel special on their special day each year. They use all the tools of the trade for which Bobcares is famous – empathy, creativity and thoroughness.

Even while I am writing this, I see a small huddle in the far corner which comprises Naveena, Ajit and Rajshekhar who are part of the Merry Berries group. Smiles on their faces, tones urgent, and eager expressions. I’m sure a grand plan is taking shape, and they aim to dazzle!

I wish them the very best. Its the likes of them that makes working at Bobcares every bit as delightful as it is challenging.



About the author
is a senior software engineer at Bobcares. He has extensive experience in managing technical support teams of web hosting companies and data centers. He is passionate about systems engineering, and loves to get his hands dirty on systems automation. His free time is spent reading books and being with his family.

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