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Gluster Create Distributed Replicated Volume – How to do it?

Looking steps to create distributed replicated volume on Gluster? We can help you.

Gluster File System is a distributed file system that can scale out in building-block fashion to store multiple petabytes of data.

At Bobcares, we often get requests from our customers to create distributed replicated volume as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, we’ll see how our Support Engineers setting up the Distributed Replicated Volume.

Setting Up Gluster Create Distributed Replicated Volume

A volume is a logical collection of bricks where each brick is an export directory on a server in the trusted storage pool. There are different types of volumes are available.

The distributed replicated volumes distribute the files across replicated bricks in the volume. Also, it scales storage and improved read performance in most environments.

Let us discuss how our Support Engineers create Distributed Replicated Volume.


Steps to create replicated volume

We use the distributed replicated volumes in environments where to scale the storage and high-reliability is critical. We followed the below steps to create the volume.

1. Firstly we create a trusted storage pool.

2. After that, we create the distributed replicated volume

gluster volume create New_Volumn_name [replica Count] [transport tcp | rdma | tcp,rdma]

We do the four Node Distributed Replicated Volume with a Two-way Mirror. In this scenario, the first two bricks specified mirror each other where 2 is the replica count.

Gluster Create Distributed Replicated Volume

In the six nodes, we do the distributed replicated volume with a two-way mirror. The first two bricks specified mirror each other. If more bricks were specified, the next two bricks in sequence would mirror each other.

Gluster Create Distributed Replicated Volume

3. After that, we run the command to start the volume.

gluster volume start test-volume

4. Then we display the volume information.

gluster volume info

Also, we start the volumes before mounting them.


Error in creating a replicated volume

Recently, one of our customers gets an error while creating across the nodes. Let us see how our Support Engineers do this. When customer run the command such as

sudo gluster volume create \
testvolume \
replica 2 \
transport tcp \ \ \

Then got the below error.

number of bricks is not a multiple of replica count

Here we can see that the replica is 2. The Replica 2 means that for each file, it will keep two copies only. We fix the issue by changing the replica to 3.


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In short, we have discussed how we create distributed Replicated Volume. Also, we saw how our Support Engineers resolve the common error when creating distributed replicated volumes in Gluster.



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