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Have a happy Upgrade

Linux has always been blessed. As we have a large number of people working for the betterment of the product, we’ll have bug fixes/security updates every now and then. This has got 2 sides.

  • The good part- if you keep on upgrading; you will have a more secure, bug-free product.
  • The bad part- if you never upgrade; the whole world knows the security vulnerabilities of the outdated version. I guess this could be as good as tweeting your root password.

So, we’ve got to update the systems as and when the updates arrive. But, an update once in a month will mean a reboot once a month, which will mean monthly server downtime. This is where Ksplice comes into the picture.

Ksplice Uptrack allows you to apply the updates, without rebooting even once. By using Ksplice, we can upgrade the system on the go. That is, while the systems are running, with zero downtime. This tool works perfectly with cPanel, R1Soft CDP, and your other third-party kernel modules and at the same time, leaves the third-party modules alone as it updates the rest of your kernel. This also lets you update systems in any virtualization environment, including VMware, Virtuozzo, and Xen–both as hosts and guests.

There are a hundred reasons to go for Ksplice. Let me list a few.

  • The whole update process runs without affecting the performance and no, Ksplice Uptrack does not require a persistently running process.
  • Timely updates- Rebootless updates are available within hours, not days
  • To enhance security, all the software packages and rebootless updates are cryptographically signed.
  • A web management tool where we can conveniently check whether all of the systems are up to date, in one place, in the web browser.
  • Ksplice Uptrack supports using a standard HTTP proxy to pass through your firewall.

I gave you just 5 reasons. The remaining 95, I skipped for the sake of brevity. Ksplice is a wonderful tool, and there is every reason for you to go for it. They offer a 30 day trial period when you can check it in your systems. There is a beauty of simplicity when dealing with these guys. Simple installation procedures, simple sign-up, 30 day trial period and no long term commitments. You simply pay month-to-month, based on how many machines you have using the Uptrack service. I loved using it, and would recommend every one of you to try it. Have a happy upgrade!.

About the Author

Jeevan Joseph has been with Bobcares for a year, and is now heading the Public Relations wing of the company. He has worked as a developer as well as a technical support in the past for startups to Datacenters.

Jeevan, after graduating in Electronics and Communications Engineering, turned into the web-hosting domain out of the passion for open source. As an eloquent orator, he spends his spare time with the Toastmasters, and have given sessions to over 2500 people in the past 4 years.

Bobcares is a server management company that helps businesses deliver uninterrupted and secure online services. Our engineers manage close to 51,500 servers that include virtualized servers, cloud infrastructure, physical server clusters, and more.