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Code Green : Story of how Bobcares has gone Green

Here I will narrate what has recently happened in Bobcares office. I could see that Bobcares is on the path to go Green. I am so excited to share our achievements with you. I am sure this will be an inspiration to each and every one of you who read the blog.

The recent ideas that we have implemented towards the initiative are Rain water harvesting project, Waste water treatment plant, Food waste for Cooking gas project and will shortly complete a Water recycling system.

Rain water harvesting project

This project saves all the rain water falling on the building and funnels it underground. We are able to achieve two significant advantages as a result of this. First, the water will not be run off to street and flood low lying areas. Second and foremost, this makes the water table under Bobcares building better with every monsoon, thereby letting us use water from our own land. We need not depend on outside source for our water needs. We have already achieved 70% self sufficiency, and we’re working on becoming 100% self reliant on water.

Waste water treatment plant

It is the largest investment we have made in our path to go Green. With a lot of waste water generated in our building, we decided to utilize it in a meaningful way. We no more treat it as a waste resource. By building our own water treatment plant, we clean every bit of solid waste, oils and harmful chemicals from the kitchen waste water before funneling it back to the underground. Again, this will increase the water table under our building. This helps not only us, but also surrounding areas that can use this water. Slowly, we will use part of this water supply for use in gardening, and flushing in toilets.

Food waste for Cooking gas project

We produce a large amount of food waste every day. What will happen if all the oils and chemicals reach our land. Now, with the cooking Gas project, all this food waste goes into a drum, where it sits for a long time, till it gives out a certain gas that can be used as fuel. You can imagine how green this fuel is. Besides solving our food waste problems, it also significantly reduces our dependence on petroleum based cooking gas, thereby saving the environment both ways. This provides us an option of self sustainability in cooking gas resource.

What is the end result of this?

These efforts will improve the company environment, as well as the society we live in different ways.

* By minimizing the waste dumped into the environment.
* By making use of otherwise waste materials.
* By decreasing the pollution caused to environment including rivers and other water resources.
* By reducing the dependency on petroleum fuels.
* By supplying good water supply to our society.

Will it be a cost burden?

Yes, these initiatives cost money. Money that could have easily gone into swankier offices and marble floors that too many other software companies think is more important. But, by choosing to invest in our environment, Bobcares does get a big benefit. We directly save on water bills, trucking costs, waste management costs and cooking gas costs. This means more employee benefits and direct cost savings for our customers.

Steps you can take to go Green.

1. Avoid using plastic bags.
2. Recycle and use materials.
3. Eliminate waste in printing.
4. Buy environment friendly paper.
5. Use energy saving fluorescent lamps.

We are a fun loving, young and vibrant company. I could see that everyone here is proud of this achievement. Hence, I am sure it will motivate you too.

What is your view about our initiative to go Green. Share your thoughts with us. If you have a better idea, we will put it into practice. Expecting your comments, it is Kumar signing off now 🙂

If you have any questions, we would be happy to talk to you! 🙂

About the Author :

Kumar K works as a Software Engineer in Bobcares. He joined Bobcares back in February 2012. He loves reading books, watching movies and listening to music in his free time.

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