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How to Set Up Amazon WorkSpaces

by | Apr 13, 2021

Wondering how to set up Amazon WorkSpaces? We can help you.

Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed desktop computing service in the cloud. With Amazon WorkSpaces we can provide cloud-based desktops to end-users. This service was launched to meet its customer’s rising demand for Cloud-based ‘Desktop as a Service’ (DaaS).

Here at Bobcares, we set up Amazon WorkSpaces for our customers as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today let’s see the steps that our Support Engineers follow to do the setup for our customers.

How to Set Up Amazon Workspaces

Before going into the steps for setting up Amazon Workspaces, we will see what are the features of Amazon Workspaces.

Features of Amazon WorkSpaces

1. The end-users can access the documents, applications, and resources using devices of their choice such as laptops, iPad, Kindle.

2. Network Health Check-Up verifies if the network and Internet connections are working. Also, checks if  WorkSpaces and their associated registration services are accessible, and checks if port 4172 is open for UDP and TCP access or not.

3. Client Reconnect feature allows the users to access their WorkSpace without entering their credentials every time when they disconnect.

4. Auto Resume Session feature allows the client to resume a session that gets disconnected due to any reason in network connectivity within 20 minutes by default. This can be extended for 4 hours. However, the users can disable this feature any time in the group policy section.

5. Console Search feature allows Administrators to search for WorkSpaces by their user name, bundle type, or directory.

Steps to set up Amazon WorkSpaces

Now we will see the steps that our Support Techs follow to set up Amazon WorkSpaces.

1. Creating and configuring the VPC

1. First, open the Amazon VPC console by using the following link:

2. Then select creating the VPC option on the right side of the navigation bar.

3. After that click the start VPC wizard option, then click VPC with a single public subnet option on the left side.

4. Now fill in the details like VPC name, subnet name and leave the other fields as default.

5. After that click the Create VPC button.

6. Finally select the OK button.

2. Creating an AD Directory

1. Firstly, by using the following link we need to open Amazon WorkSpace Console:

2. Then select Directories and Setup Directory in the navigation panel.

3. After that select Create Simple AD button and fill in the required details.

4. Then fill in the VPC details and select the Next step.

5. Finally, then click the Create Simple AD button.

3. Creating a WorkSpace

1. First open Amazon WorkSpace Console using the following:

2. Then select Workspaces and then launch the WorkSpaces option in the navigation panel.

3. After that select the cloud directory.

4. And enable/disable WorkDocs for all users in this directory, then click the Yes, Next button.

5. Then fill in the details for the new user and select the Create Users button.

6. Once the user is added to the WorkSpace list, select Next.

7. And enter the number of bundles that we need in the value field of the WorkSpaces Bundles page, then select Next.

8. Finally, check the details and make changes if required and select Launch WorkSpaces.

There will be a message to confirm the account, after which we can use WorkSpaces.

4. Testing WorkSpaces

1. First, run the application. For the first time, we need to enter the registration code received in the email and click Register.

2. Connect to WorkSpace by entering the user name and password for the user. Select Sign In.

3. After that, open the following link on the web browser.

Navigate and verify that the page can be viewed.
A message saying “Congratulations! Your Amazon WorkSpaces cloud directory has been created, and your first WorkSpace is working correctly and has Internet access” will be received.

Some Benefits of Amazon WorkSpaces

1. Easy to set up
2. Choice of devices and applications
3. Cost-effective

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To conclude, we saw how our Support Engineers set up Amazon WorkSpaces for our customers.


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