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Are you shunning server updates? Think twice before you do that!

Are you shunning server updates? Think twice before you do that!

Server updates – We all know it’s important, but many often, server owners push aside these server updates, until its too late..

One may have many reasons for that, and most often it happens as we think it’s not that important or a top priority matter. Server owners may also be worried about something going wrong after the update.

In our Emergency support services, we often come across customers who had their servers hacked due to not keeping their servers updated.

See how we keep your servers secure!

Why should you keep your server updated?

The point is crystal clear. Software updates cannot wait! – especially if it is for your Servers or Business systems. Software updates can contain critical bug fixes and vulnerability patches that are crucial for your server security.

If left unpatched, your system is a sitting duck for hackers. The Wannacry ransomware attack that caused millions of loss in the internet world recently, is one such hack that targeted servers that were running outdated OS versions.

And with each passing year, the job is getting easier for hackers. An analysis of the MITRE vulnerability database shows that the number of software vulnerabilities keep increasing year on year. The more the vulnerabilities, the greater the chance for a successful hack.


How to secure a server - Vulnerabilities per year


Once your server is hacked, the loss you encounter is humongous – 1. Server downtime leading to customer loss and compensations 2. Data loss leading to poor reputation and security risks that can end you up in law suits and further financial loss.

All the hardwork you did to build up your business, the cost and effort you put in over years to garner a decent customer base, the future prospects of getting more business, everything can go for a toss due to a single hack incident.

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What drives server owners away from server updates?

So, we know there are a ton of vulnerabilities discovered everyday. There are high profile hacks reported almost daily. We’ve heard of all this before. But why do many server owners still keep their servers unpatched?

Here are the top reasons we’ve noticed during our interactions with various server owners, when they come to us for hack recovery assistance:

  • Improper notification system – Unlike update notifications in phone or laptop, updates in some software require you to login to these systems to see the notification. On the other hand, some software keeps sending too many update notifications every other day. It is easy to miss both these alert notifications.
  • Fear of breaking things – It’s true that if not done right, updates can break things and affect normal functioning of services, and you wouldn’t want to take a risk, especially with your ‘live’ servers.
  • Complicated upgrades – While some applications like WordPress allow a straight-forward one-click update, that may not be the case with a kernel upgrade. You may need to download a patch, test it, upload it to the server and apply it effectively without incurring a downtime, which is a cumbersome task.
  • It doesn’t feel like a priority – Sometimes the update notifications pop up in the middle of some critical task and you tend to push it aside for later and may miss it. Many server owners also get complacent thinking his server is safe from hacks.

Yes, keeping a server patched and updated could be tiresome, and at times, a bit complicated. But the few dollars you spend now in hiring a good server management team can save you from incurring a huge loss later on.

In our Server management services, Bobcares’ server specialists help server owners forget all their server concerns by keeping the servers secure, performing upgrades of all server software and applying critical vulnerability patches on time.


blessen cherian how to secure a server  Many business owners don’t get time to look at the nitty-gritty of keeping a system secure. In our server management services, we help website and server owners keep their applications fully patched and secure. It includes several considerations like software conflict resolution, emergency security patches, custom application upgrades, etc.    

Blessen Cherian
Member of Executive Group, Bobcares


Today, we’ll go through a few best practices that we do at Bobcares to keep your websites and servers free off crippling vulnerabilities.


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