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Install WMI Client in Nagios XI Server for Windows monitoring

by | May 13, 2021

If we Install WMI Client in Nagios, we can monitor Windows machines using WMI.

As part of our Server Management Services, we assist our customers with several Nagios queries.

Today, let us see the installation procedure of the WMI client on the Nagios XI server.


Install WMI Client in Nagios

By default, the Nagios XI 2012 and newer versions have the WMI client in them.

However, we may come across an installation error when we set up the WMI wizard in Nagios XI

In such a case, our Support Techs suggest the procedures below as a remedy to the error.

Client Installation Procedure

Initially, we establish a terminal session to Nagios XI server as the root user.

To execute the below script we need to install both cpan and gcc.

We execute the WMI client setup script by issuing the following commands at the shell prompt:


However, this directory may not have the file. For that, we have to update the WMI wizard from the manage wizards page or install the zip manually on that page.

Installation Details

The script will automatically download and install the static WMI client binary in,


It is also possible to install WMI from the atomic repository.

To do so, initially, we add the repository:

# wget -q -O – | sh

Then we execute “yum install wmic” to install the client on a CentOS machine.

In addition, the Nagios XI server will have the DateTime Perl package. This will ensure that the Windows WMI Monitoring Wizard can operate properly.

Monitoring Windows Machines Using WMI

Once we have the WMI client on the Nagios XI server, we can install the Windows WMI monitoring wizard on Nagios.


Common error

It is quite possible for us to stumble on an error.

At times, the status information on the Service Detail page will be empty (null) or will state “Install wmic”.

The major cause for this error can be an improper installation of the WMIC plugins.

So, we try to install WMIC using script. If it fails, we try to install it from the atomic repository.

[Need help with the installation? We’d be happy to assist]



In short, we saw how our Support Techs go about the installation of the WMI Client in Nagios.


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