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JFTP Bad response error in Joomla – How to fix

by | Apr 9, 2021

Wondering how to fix JFTP Bad response error in Joomla? We can help you.

Java File Transfer Protocol (JFTP) is an FTP class that allows us to connect to and interact with an FTP server.

JFTP is a true Universal FTP Client as we can install it and run it on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Soliris, etc.

A ‘Bad Response’ error often occurs while trying to install new extensions in Joomla.

Here at Bobcares, we get requests from our clients to handle similar issues as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today in this article we will see how our Support Engineers fix this error for our customers.

What causes JFTP Bad response error in Joomla

Some users may end up with “Bad Response” error while trying to install new extensions in their Joomla.

Generally, the errors include the following ones:

-JFTP::mkdir: Bad response
-JFTP::chmod: Bad response
-JFTP::store: Bad response

When FTP of Joomla does not work properly it ends up with the ‘bad response’ error. Hence it the main cause for this issue in Joomla.

Steps to fix JFTP Bad response error in Joomla

Firstly, we can try to change the chmod permission to 777 (755 the default chmod) of our configuration.php file and also the corresponding directory recursively.

We can do this by editing the configuration.php file.

This can be done simply by searching for the FTP settings within this file and input the FTP login details in the following fields:

public $ftp_host = '';
public $ftp_port = ’21’;
public $ftp_user = ”;
public $ftp_pass = ”;
public $ftp_root = ”;
public $ftp_enable = ‘1’;

If the errors still persist after this step, we can try disabling FTP in the same configuration.php file

Here we will remove the following line:
var $ftp_enable = ‘1’;
And add the following line:
var $ftp_enable = ‘0’;

Changing the value 1 to 0 will disable FTP.

Also, we can disable FTP  from the global configuration option-> server in Joomla itself.

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To conclude, we saw the steps that our Support Engineers follow to fix JFTP bad response error in Joomla for our customers.


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