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Joomla error 1064 – Top causes and fixes

Is your website showing Joomla error 1064 after an upgrade?

Upgrade errors are really critical and make the websites down.

We generally receive many requests on fixing the Joomla based errors as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s see the various causes for this error to occur and how our Support Engineers fix it.

How does Joomla error 1064 look?

Firstly, let’s check on how the 1064 error appears on a Joomla website.

Recently, one of our customers was doing their Joomla website update. Unfortunately, it ended up in the error:

What causes Joomla error 1064 to occur?

There are many reasons for this error to occur. Let’s check a few major causes for this error to occur.


1. Incompatible PHP version

Joomla is a PHP based website framework. Hence, if the PHP version is not compatible with the website then it will throw an error message.

This normally happens when customers upgrade the website version. As a result, the newer version of the website will not be compatible with the older version of PHP.


2. Corrupt Modules

By default, Joomla modules pull information from the database of the website.

If these modules are corrupted and not updated regularly then it will damage the functionality of the website and finally becomes a cause for the website error.


3. Corrupt Plugins

In a similar way, a corrupt plugin also creates problems on the websites. The same goes for Joomla as well.

If there is a plugin that is behaving improperly then it will definitely cause errors.


4. Incompatible Extension

Normally, customers use different extensions for many different reasons. Sometimes, these extensions also play a vital role in creating problems on the website if they are not updated properly.

Also, trying to install an extension manager which is not compatible with the website also cause errors.


How we fix this Joomla error 1064?

Now, we have seen various causes for this 1064 error to occur in Joomla. Let’s now dig more into how our Support Engineers fix this error.

We recently received an error from our customer. The error is as below:

Error: 1064
- You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that
corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use
near '' at line 1 SQL=SELECT * FROM abc_xyz WHERE id =

Our Support Engineers started to troubleshoot this error by following the below steps:


1. Turned on the debug mode in Joomla

Initially, our Support Engineers turned on the debug mode. We followed the below steps for it

Site>>Global Configuration>>check the box for “Debug Site

This helps us to see the session information, database queries, logs and many more.


2. Change the PHP version

We also changed the PHP version from 5.x to 7.x to support the upgraded website. Usually, an updated PHP version is also necessary for the website to work.

However, this also didn’t fix the error.


3. Uninstalled all the plugins and extensions

We continued further and disabled all the plugins one by one. This helped to check if there were any corrupt plugin causing the error.

Then we manually deleted duplicate extension entries from the __extensions database. In some cases, this might also be causing an error. But, these had nothing to do with the error.


4. Uninstalled the modules

Finally, we isolated the problem to a specific module. We uninstalled the module and then re-installed it. After this, we refreshed the browser and re-saved the modules.

This fixed the Joomla error 1064 and the website started working fine.


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In short, the Joomla error 1064 is caused due to many reasons after the website upgrade. The causes include deprecated plugins, incompatible PHP versions, corrupted extensions and so on. Today, we saw the different causes for this error to occur and how our Support Engineers fix it.


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