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Moving on to Cloud

In today’s economy, Cloud Computing offers the much needed edge and results, for many enterprises. Market as such has given way to more and more players and competitive pricing, which drives in more, to the world of Cloud computing.

The option of Cloud is enticing, since the cost involved is usually low, and it envisages best use of resources, with added flexibility and scalability when compared to conventional computing environments.

The world of cloud computing has evolved, and it is not just the solution that makes good use of resources, but has allowed providers to render various services on a need basis. Now businesses are seriously considering cloud as an option for their infrastructure needs and applications, despite the looming concerns over Cloud Security.

Cloud Security

When you decide to have your applications or information put to a Cloud environment, you must be aware of various aspects of Cloud security. Suppose you have a critical application or you deal with sensitive data(data is almost always sensitive!), the decision should be taken only after a full analysis of it’s implications.

Physical Access to Cloud Infrastructure

When you decide to go with a Cloud provider, you give absolute control over the physical boundaries of the Cloud Infrastructure in the hands of your provider. Your Cloud provider must agree in writing, to terms that ensure security of the infrastructure that is residing within their premises.

Robustness of Infrastructure

In cases where you move a critical application to a Cloud service provider, the stability of the infrastructure, and availability of related resources should be ensured. Looking at the preparedness of the provider to mitigate a disaster or attack should help. Making sure that the provider gives you scalability/mobility that you might require, to take advantage of the computing environment, would render you the edge.

Information Security

Most important aspect that needs to be considered, is the trustworthiness of the provider, when it comes to handling your sensitive data. SLA’s that describe/define their role should be closely studied and put to place; it’s effectiveness measured from time to time. Many certifications in the area of Information Security provide frameworks, which helps providers to seal the gates.

Independent audits and security policies

Independent audits of the provider and their services, help greatly in ascertaining their commitment to ensure security. The question of “Is the provider open to the idea of implementing security policies that you wish to implement” would almost suffice the intention of the provider to serve you keeping in mind your security needs.

The Decision

Cloud indeed brings in a lot of merits, which could be leveraged in this competitive world. But the decision is not to be made based on just the monetary benefits. For it might cost much more, if the decision is not an informed one!



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