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MySQL error 2002 (hy000) : Let’s sort it out!

Having trouble with MySQL error 2002 (hy000)? We can help you resolve it.

Usually, this error occurs if MySQL is not running or if it is not getting connected.

At Bobcares, we often get requests from our customers to fix MySQL errors as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s get into the details on how our Support Engineers fix this error.


Why MySQL error 2002 (hy000) occurs?

This error occurs in different scenarios like while connecting to the MySQL server, installing MySQL and so on.

For instance, the error appears as follows.

MySQL error 2002 (hy000)

We can resolve the error by various simple methods like restarting the MySQL server, freeing up some disk space on the droplet, updating the bind-address field, etc.

Let’s see in detail how our Support Engineers fix this problem.


Different methods to sort out MySQL error 2002 (hy000)

At Bobcares, where we have more than a decade of expertise in managing servers, we see many customers face problems with MySQL.

Now, let’s see how our Support Engineers fix this error by various methods.


Restarting the MySQL server

Recently one of our customers was facing the same error when he was trying to connect to the MySQL server. The error received to the customer appears as follows.

We tried to restart the MySQL server by running the below command.

services mysql start


/etc/init.d/mysql start

By restarting, the error of the user got disappeared and the database was connected.


Disk space Full

Another customer was facing the same error. On checking further we identified that the disk space of the user’s droplet was full.

So we ran the below command to check how much free space the user is having in the account.

df -h

Further, we went checking for the larger files that was causing the disk space problem. We found that the user had a few huge log files that were eating up all the free spaces. And due to this MySQL simply couldn’t start and gave the ERROR 2002 (HY000).

After rectifying the disk space problem, everything worked fine.


Updating the bind-address

In certain situations, the bind-address will not be updated to the new IP. And this results in the same error.

So, whenever the user creates a new server, we make sure to update the bind-address field with the new IP address. We update the bind-address in the configuration file.

sudo nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf

After updating the bind-address field with the new IP address we then run the below command to restart the MySQL service.

sudo service mysql start

Finally, this fixes the error.


[Having trouble with MySQL error 2002 (hy000)? We’ll fix it for you.]



In short, we resolve the ‘MySQL error 2002 (hy000)’ easily by simple ways like restarting the MySQL server, fixing the disk space, updating the bind-address, etc. Today, we saw how our Support Engineers help the customers to fix the error.


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