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OnApp Cloud to manage cloud servers – Let us discuss

by | Feb 28, 2021

OnApp Cloud to manage cloud servers and virtual server is a breeze for Hosting Providers.

At Bobcares, we provide Support for OnApp. And thereby manage the whole range of cloud and virtual servers.

We have Dedicated Cloud Engineers as a part of our Infrastructure Management System.

Today, let’s have a deeper look into OnApp Cloud.


OnApp Cloud to manage cloud servers

Cloud servers and virtual servers roots in the virtualization technique.

Basically, virtualization is the partitioning of a physical server into smaller virtual servers.

But how to manage these virtual servers?

There are control panels with GUI. One such software is OnApp.

For managing cloud servers there is a specific OnApp Cloud software. Its basic features include:

  • Deploying virtual machines
  • Virtual Server management
  • Dynamically allocating resources
  • Deploying services.

So it offers flexible control over the cloud environment. For instance, managing server clusters. Hence helps to make the best use of hardware.


OnApp Dashboard

Logging into the OnApp software opens up a dashboard. The OnApp dashboard appears as:

OnApp Cloud to manage cloud servers

The dashboard features include:

Statistics: The default view showing the memory, CPU usage, storage, etc.

Cloud: It gives entire details of the cloud, like the number of VS,  disk space, hypervisors, and so on. The details will be specific for both normal users and administrators.

Account: Gives the details of the account. In the case of administrators, the whole information of the cloud is available here.

Activity log: Users can see their recent activities on the virtual server here. On the other hand, the administrators get recent activities of the entire cloud.

It also allows creating a new virtual server with a single click. The CREATE SERVER option serves this purpose. It also provides a global search across the server too.

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So far, we had a brief discussion on the OnApp cloud. Our Support Techs also gave an insight into the dashboard and its features.


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