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Top 5 benefits you’d reap when you consider outsourcing technical support

Top 5 benefits you’d reap when you consider outsourcing technical support

Web hosts consider outsourcing technical support mainly for one reason – Cost savings. Yes, you can achieve around 85% cost savings by choosing a outsourced server support team over an inhouse one.

But, cost shouldn’t be the only factor that determines which outsourced server support company to choose. Industry experience, knowledge, certifications, SLA, etc. are the other parameters that you would help you choose the best in the industry.

When you choose the perfect outsourced technical support for your web hosting business, here are the top 5 benefits that you’d gain, in addition to the cost benefits.

1. 24×7 expert care for your servers

By outsourcing technical support to an expert company, you’d get peace of mind and can sleep well. But for most server management companies, technical support is usually limited to setting up a monitoring system and alert notifications.

If these alerts are not handled well, it can affect your server health. For instance, a load alert may be temporarily cleared by restarting the web server. But if an in-depth analysis and optimization of web server is not done, it can lead to a drastic server crash in no time.

Hiring a proactive team that keep your servers secure and stable, instead of a fire-fighting team that always keeps you in panic mode, thus plays a key role in outsourcing your customer support activities.

At Bobcares, our 24/7 server specialists prevent recurring server issues by promptly identifying the root cause of all alerts and taking proactive measures to prevent it.


Reduction in server incidents with Bobcares’ outsourced server support


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2. Maintaining high server uptime

There’s nothing more damaging to an online business than the frequent downtime incurred in the website. Anything, from a peak traffic to a malicious script, can adversely affect the website availability.

Having a 24/7 support company can help you maintain the server uptime. But technical support doesn’t come with a ‘one size fit all’ solution to all problems.

Minutes, and even seconds, can be crucial in a server recovery. If the technical support team is unable to identify and fix issues promptly, it can cause additional overhead to you.

Bobcares’ dedicated server specialists periodically audit the servers inside-out and fix issues before they occur. With our decades of experience supporting web hosting companies and vast knowledge pool, we’re able to resolve server problems in no time.


Trend in average response time with Bobcares’ outsourced server support


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3. Zero hack instances for your servers

With new software and server technologies emerging on a daily basis, hackers are also on the constant prowl for tracing out new vulnerabilities. Seeing the increasing trend of exploits being revealed, ensuring server security is a prime necessity nowadays.



The number of vulnerabilities keep growing year-on-year.


While majority exploits can be avoided by promptly updating and keeping the software secure, some zero-day exploits have to be handled by immediate patching once the vulnerability is published.

Our 24/7 security channels are on constant vigil to identify latest vulnerabilities and instantly notify our engineers about it, which help them implement the necessary security measures promptly.

Outdated kernel and application software are prone to hacks easily. With our regular software updates and security measures, we protect our customers’ servers from getting hacked or misused.

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4. Competitive edge over your competitors

Be it an SMB, niche hosting business or a large cloud provider, gaining an upper hand over your competitors is the dream of any business owner. But its a difficult task to accomplish, if you are not up-to-date with the market needs.

Knowing the customer insights and adopting latest technology are vital for any business to grow. Outsourcing technical support to a service provider who is an industry expert, helps you to know the market trends and changing customer needs.

With our years of experience handling outsourced server support for businesses that range from SMBs to data centers, we have been able to gain hands-on expertise in the latest technology, customer insights and the industry best practices.

Each business has its USP. When customers sign up with us, we work along with them to identify their business needs and help them to implement innovative and productive systems that would enhance their market share.

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5. Work on your business, not in your business

You cannot afford to spend all your time managing servers and supporting customers. Your onsite staff may take breaks or holidays in between and can make it difficult for you to ensure ’round-the-clock’ support for your servers.

If you end up spending your valuable time maintaining the servers than in marketing and innovation, it’s time for you to consider outsourcing technical support.

An expert support team handles everything about your servers – fresh deployments, custom installation, account migration, maintenance and monitoring, customer interactions, security patching, etc.

At Bobcares, we follow the best practices and handle everything from server setup to 24/7 monitoring. This frees up our customers from the hassles of server management and helps them focus on building their business.



Increase in positive feedback with Bobcares’ outsourced server support


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Do you spend all day answering technical support queries?

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