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One click button to reboot VM via the WHMCS oVirt interface

One click button to reboot VM via the WHMCS oVirt interface

Web hosts are now rapidly moving on to virtualization solutions to provide cheap and easily scalable hosting services such as VPS hosting, to their customers.

In our role as Outsourced hosting specialists for web hosts, we help setup and maintain a suitable virtualization solutions for their hosting purposes. One of the popular open source systems we configure is oVirt.

See how our WHMCS oVirt plugin helps you

Reboot VM via the WHMCS oVirt interface in single click

VM reboots are often required in a virtualization solution to handle situations such as a kernel recompilation, upgrades or when the virtual machines gets hung due to reasons such as a high load.

Bobcares recently launched a plugin that integrates oVirt management into WHMCS billing portal for the customers. Using this plugin, web hosting customers can manage their VMs easily from their WHMCS itself.

Every time a VM needs to be rebooted, the web host need not take up the hassle and VM owners can easily do it from their WHMCS oVirt VM manager feature, in a single click.

Here, we’ll give a sneak peak into how it can be done using the oVirt plugin. Access the VM in the “WHMCS oVirt plugin -> VM Manager” option. Click on Edit.

You’d see a page that lists you the functions you can perform on that VM. Click on the button ‘Reboot’ and it would initiate a VM restart process.



Reboot VM from oVirt plugin


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Once you click the ‘Reboot’ button, the VM restart process would start and the following message would display in the page.



VM reboot status


The VM stats would show ‘Reboot in Progress’ during the process of the restart, until the VM is ‘Up’.



Status of VM under reboot


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The other major features of the WHMCS oVirt plugin include the options to create, edit, manage the VMs and their networks and other functions such as start, stop, rebuild, console and suspend VMs.

In addition to the already available feature list in the module, we also provide web hosts with the custom features and tweaks that they ask for. Bobcares’ expertise in various billing portals and management software, help us integrate these systems in very less time.

If you’d like to get a custom quote for integrating your VM management portal or other software systems into your billing system to make things easier for you and your customers, contact us now.



Efficient 2-in-1 WHMCS plugin for managing your oVirt VMs easily


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