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Ruby on Rails – A market you can’t ignore

Ruby on Rails is a frame work designed to run ruby scripts. It is designed to develop web applications in an easier way. Most web developers states that the RoR helps to develop complicated web applications with less coding work. Ruby on Rails is shortened to Rails or RoR.

RoR makes software development economical without risking additional IT budget.

RoR market trend

Almost all of Ruby development these days is still Rails. However, we are entering an era of Ruby Market.

When we analyse the growth of RoR from Jan 2006 to Jan 2012. We can see the tremendous increase in demand of ruby products. The ruby market is increasing very fast.

How Does Rails work

As with many web frameworks, Rails uses the MVC compound design pattern to solve this problem. MVC (model-view-controller) splits the business logic into a “Model” layer and the view logic into a “View” layer. The “Controller” interacts with the Model and passes the required data onto the View.

A full HTTP request cycle can be simplified into the following steps:

1.The user sends a HTTP request by typing the required URL into the browser. This request is routed to a specific method in the controller.

2.The method, being executed on the controller, interacts with the required model, which will usually retrieve some data from the database.

3.The controller then passes control to the view, which specifies which HTML elements should be rendered and makes use of any data passed from the controller.

4.The prepared HTML response is then passed back to the users browser.


RoR doesn’t provide any new technology. Existing web application frameworks have done it all before. RoR tells us how to do a task in effective way. A complicated task which may normally takes a week to complete will take only few days to finish in RoR. This is the significant property of RoR.

When we talk about the server requirements or cost, RoR runs in almost all servers and it doesn’t require any new technologies to be purchased.




About the Author :

Prasobh Balakrishnan works as a Software Engineer in Bobcares. He joined Bobcares in may 2012. He loves programming and listening to music in his free time.


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