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SolusVM cannot create client – How to fix

by | Jul 19, 2021

Stuck with SolusVM cannot create client error? We can help you.

Here at Bobcares, we often handle requests from our customers to fix similar WHMCS errors.

Today we will see how our support engineers fix this for our customers as a part of our Server Management Services.


How to install and configure WHMCS solusvmpro module?

1.Firstly, connect to the server with installed WHMCS over SSH.
2.Download and unpack the archive with the module:

# wget -O ./ && unzip

3.Then, move content of modules folder from the archive to <WHMCS-root-directory>/modules:

# mv ./SolusVM-WHMCS-Module-master/modules/* <WHMCS-root-directory>/modules/

4.Then, log in to SolusVM administrator web interface.
5.Next, open Configuration > API Access > Add API User.
6.Then, type IP address of WHMCS server in IP Address section and copy ID and Key values. Click on Add API user.
7.Create a plan for the necessary visualization in Plans > Add <virtualization> Plan:
Plan settings

Mandatory fields are:

  • Plan Name (Must be unique and contain no spaces)
  • Hdd Space (sets disk space of the created VM)
  • RAM (sets available memory of the created VM)
  • Swap (sets available swap of the created VM. Not required for Windows)
  • Bandwidth (sets available bandwidth of the created VM)

Other fields can be left untouched or edited if required.
8.Next, log in to WHMCS administrator interface.
9.Then, open Setup > Product/Services > Servers > Add New Server.
10.Next, add Master SolusVM server:
Settings of Master node

  • Name – any name for SolusVM Master server.
  • Hostname – hostname of SolusVM Master server.
  • IP Address – address of SolusVM Master server.
  • Type – select solusvmpro.
  • Username – type ID value from step 6.
  • Password – type Key value from step 6.
  • Access Hash:


  • Secure – select the option Tick to use SSL Mode for Connections.

11.Finally, click Save Changes.


How to resolve SolusVM cannot create client error?

Usually issue occurs if an incorrect IP address is used for SolusVM APU user.

Today, let us go through the steps followed by our Support Techs to resolve the error.

1.Firstly,  to SolusVM master web interface.
2.Then, open SolusVM > Configuration > API Access > Edit API User.
3.Edit IP address for API user – it has to be IP address of WHMCS server.
4.Finally, click on Update API user.

[Need assistance? We can help you]


In short, today we saw how our Support Engineers fix SolusVM cannot create client error.



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