1. Disable Migrate Data Option


The first way to assign VPS to another node without migrating data is by disabling the Migrate data option.

Let’s see the steps followed by our Support Techs to disable Migrate data option.

  1. Open SolusVM Admin interface.
  2. Navigate to Dashboard > Virtual Servers > vps_name page.
  3. Click Migrate option from SolusVM.
  4. Under the ‘Configure’ page, there is one option Migrate Data.

If “Yes” is selected – VPS will be migrated to another node and the location of the VPS will be changed to the new node in the SolusVM interface.
If “No” is selected – VPS will not be migrated – its location will change to the new node in the SolusVM interface only.

5. Disable the Migrate Data option (NO) to change the node for the VPS

6. After selecting the other necessary configuration, Click on the Start

7. Wait until the migration is finished.


2. Update VPS information via the database


Let’s see how our Support Engineers update the VPS information via the database:

  1.  Access the Master Node via SSH
  2. Then run the following command on the SolusVM Master:

/scripts/vm-migrate <VSERVERID> <NEWNODEID>

 <VSERVERID>: It is the ID listed in your VM list in SolusVM
<NEWNODEID>: It is the ID of the node listed in your Node List in SolusVM.

For example:  /scripts/vm-migrate 150 4

3. After that, boot up the VPS on the new node by clicking the Reboot option within SolusVM.



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In short, we saw how our Support Engineers assign the node for a VPS in SolusVM without migrating data.