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SQL Server Mirroring Error 1418 – Let’s fix it

Are you stuck with SQL Server Mirroring Error 1418? We’ll help you fix this Mirroring Error.

The Database mirroring helps in creating redundant copies of a database and increasing the availability of a SQL Server database.

Here at Bobcares, we often receive requests to fix the Mirroring Error 1418  as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s see how our Support Engineers fix the mirroring error 1418 for our customers.


What is SQL Server Mirroring 1418 Error?

The SQL Server Database Mirroring includes two SQL Server instances.

One instance acts as a primary instance and it is Principal instance. And the other one is a mirror instance.

The SQL Server Mirroring 1418 error occurs when the server network endpoint is not responding. Usually, it doesn’t respond because the specified server network cannot reach or it does not exist.

 SQL Server Mirroring Error 1418


How to fix SQL Server Mirroring Error 1418?

Recently one of our customers contacted us with the error. Let’s discuss how our Support Engineers resolve the error for our customers.

The Mirroring Error 1418 mainly occurs due to the connection problems between the endpoints. We follow the below steps to fix the SQL Server Mirroring Error 1418.

1. We make sure that the system Firewall is not blocking the SQL Server port.

2.Then we go to Computer Management > Service and Application > SQL Server 2005 Configuration > Network Configuration > Enable TCP/IP protocol.

Also, we make sure that SQL SERVER port is 1433.

3. Then we check that the TCP/IP protocol is enabled or not. We go to Computer Management > Service and Application > SQL Server 2005 Configuration > Client Configuration > Enable TCP/IP protocol.

If the error doesn’t resolve by the above method, then we try the below methods also.


1. Service Accounts Verification

Sometimes the Mirroring 1418 error occurs due to the incorrect service account.

Firstly we Connect permissions to partner’s endpoints which are required by the SQL Server Service account.

We use domain accounts for all partners.

For the Local service, the certificate authentication is used and in the Network service, the computer account should be used.


2. Ports Verification

The database mirroring endpoint of each server instance is used only by the database mirroring process.

If any other processes are listening to the port assign to database mirroring endpoint then the other server instances cannot connect to the endpoint.

So we check that the Firewall is not blocking the port and allowing the traffic on both directions.


3. Verify Endpoints

We make sure that all endpoints are started.

All the endpoints must use the same encryption algorithm. We make sure that they are all using the same.

Also, we ensure that all the instances can access every other partner by Ping each partner from one another.


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In short, the Mirroring Error 1418 happens when the server network endpoints don’t respond. Also, we’ve discussed how our Support Engineers fix the error for our customers.


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