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Unable to purge deleted items in SmarterMail – Quick resolution!

Oops!! Unable to purge deleted items in SmarterMail? We can help you.

Purging the deleted items in the Smartermail is a quick way to save disk space.

However, it may often result in errors.

At Bobcares, we often get requests to fix SmarterMail disk usage as a part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s see how our Support Engineers purge the deleted items in SmarterMail.


What are the Delete Options in SmarterMail?

SmarterMail provides different methods for users to delete the messages. Email users can easily delete either by drag and drop method of messages from a folder to the Deleted Items folder or delete them using the Delete menu.

The popular Delete Action options in the SmarterMail are:

1. Move to Deleted Items folder – In this when the message deleted they move to the Deleted Items folder. The Deleted Items folder created automatically if it does not exist.

2.Auto purge folder –  The messages are not physically removed from the folder until they are purged. So by enabling the Auto purge folder, it automatically purges.

Also, note that after purge the deleted messages we are not able to retrieve these messages later.

3.Mark as deleted – By enabling this option the message remains in the current folder but it is marked as deleted.

4.Mark as deleted and hide – In this, any messages that marked as deleted are hidden from Smartermail. However, this option allows us to keep deleted messages without seeing them whenever we log into the mailbox.


How to purge deleted items in SmarterMail?

Recently, one of our customers approached us to find the reason for the high disk usage of his account. He was nearing his disk limit.

On checking, we found that one of his SmarterMail accounts was consuming a large amount of space. Digging deeper, we saw that the deleted messages were saved to a folder and it consumed a large amount of space.

Initially, our Support Engineers increased the space by deleting the folder containing the deleted messages. After that, we checked the reason for saving the deleted messages in a folder.

We found that the Delete Action was set to Move to Deleted Items folder. Due to this option, the deleted messages were automatically moved to the Deleted Items folder.

However, deleting the Deleted Items folder every time is not a good option. SamrterMail automatically creates this folder if it does not exist.


Add Auto Purge option

We fix the unable to purge deleted items problem in SmarterMail by changing the Delete Action to the Auto Purge folder option. We follow the below steps to enable the option.

1. Initially we log in to SmarterMail.

2. Then we choose the Domains.

3. After that click on manage.

4. Then click on Account Settings.

5. After that, we click on Webmail.

6. We change the Delete Action to Auto Purge Folder.

Unable to purge deleted items in SmarterMail


By enabling the Auto Purge folder option will automatically purge the deleted messages in SmarterMail.


Enable Auto clean

After this, we also enable the Folder auto clean option for the server. The auto clean policies delete older junk e-mail, deleted items, and or sent items when these folders get too large.

1. Initially we log in to SmarterMail.

2. Then we click on Settings.

3. After that, we choose the option Folder auto clean.

4. Finally, click on Save.

By changing the option it purges the deleted items in SmarterMail.


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In short, The Auto-purge folder option helps to automatically purge the deleted messages in SmarterMail. Today we saw how our Support Engineers enable it for our customers.


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