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Virsh undefine remove-all-storage – Let’s discuss in detail

Is the Virsh undefine remove-all-storage command troubling you? We can help you in fixing it.

Virsh commands help in the easy management of the guest domains.

At Bobcares, we often receive requests to fix the virsh error \s as part of our Server Management Services.

Today, let’s discuss how our Support Engineers use the virsh commands efficiently.


About Virsh undefine command

As we all know, Virsh is the interface for managing virsh domains.

And, we use virsh commands to create, pause, restart and shutdown domains.

But, these commands though simple are often confusing too. And, the undefine command helps to undefine a domain.

Also, if we use this command when the domain is inactive, then it will remove the configuration completely.

But, the domain gets converted to a transient domain if the domain is active.


Use of Virsh undefine remove-all-storage command

Recently, one of our customers approached us with a requirement. He wanted to delete his Virtual Machine and all its associated storage volumes.

And, the virsh undefine command can take different arguments like managed– save, storage, remove-all-storage, wipe storage and many more.

So, our Support Engineers used the remove all storage argument to fulfil the customer’s requirement.

Virsh undefine remove-all-storage

Therefore, this will remove the virtual machine and its associated storage volumes as well.


virsh destroy

Similarly, the destroy command helps to force stop a virtual machine.

And, we can use this command when the Virtual Machine is unresponsive. Also, when we need to shut it down by another method.

virsh destroy VMname

Usually, we need to use the virsh undefine command after the above one.

Also, the virsh destroy command with the –graceful option aims to flush the cache for the disk image file.


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In short, we use virsh undefine remove-all-storage to delete the Virtual Machine and all its associated storage volumes. In today’s write up, we discussed how our Support Engineers help the customers in using the virsh commands.


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