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Secure your Windows 2003 and 2008 servers from WannaCry ransomware

Secure your Windows 2003 and 2008 servers from WannaCry ransomware

WannaCry ransomware is all over the news now, causing the internet world to shake in doubt and fear. With over 200,000 computers in 150 countries being affected, the damage is really wide-spread.

For businesses and servers that are affected by this malware, the impact of this attack is huge and can lead to loss of business. As a result, it is important to secure your servers for ensuring their normal functioning.

How WannaCry ransomware affects your Windows 2003 and 2008 servers

WannaCry ransomware is a malware that affects all outdated Microsoft Windows servers that did not apply the critical security patch released by Microsoft in March 2017.

By encrypting the files on the infected servers, the hackers make the users unable to retrieve their data and demand ransom for releasing the data back to its owners.

This ransomware spreads from one server to others in its network, by using a vulnerability in Server Message Block (SMB) implementation of Windows systems, called ETERNALBLUE.

The Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol is a network file sharing protocol. Due to the security vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s implementation of SMB protocol, it has become a primary attack vector for intrusion attempts.

The malware can spread to other servers via emails that are sent from the infected server. After infecting, this Wannacry ransomware displays following screen on infected system:



Wannacry ransomware attack message


WannaCry encrypts files such as commonly used Office documents, archives, media, emails, databases, encryption keys, certificates, virtual machine fines and other project files.

The files are modified in bulk using a batch script and the extension ‘.WCRY’ gets appended to the end of these file names. It also leaves a file ‘!Please Read Me!.txt’, that contains details of what has happened and how to pay the ransom.

A version 2 of the WannaCry ransomware malware is also circulating now, which is worse than the initial one. It is, therefore, crucial to protect your servers RIGHT NOW!

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