How to resolve WooCommerce https error in your site

How to resolve WooCommerce https error in your site

In our role as website support specialists for web hosts, we manage several website software and plugins. WooCommerce is the eCommerce plugin commonly used by WordPress site owners to do online business.

Online transactions involve confidential information of the customers, such as the credit card details. The payment gateways and the website should be protected using SSL certificates, to secure this data.

Without an SSL certificate, financial details are sent in plain text to the server and could be easily intercepted by the attackers. This can adversely hit your business.

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Recently, we were contacted by a web host who was getting errors related to WooCommerce SSL and it was hindering the payment processing in the sites’s ‘Checkout’ page during transactions.

The error shown in the WooCommerce status report page was “Your store is not using HTTPS”.



WooCommerce showing https error


This error happens when WordPress is unable to verify the SSL security for your site. Today, we’ll see what causes WooCommerce https error in your site and how to resolve it.

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How to resolve WooCommerce https error in your site

WordPress has two URL settings that can be changed to adjust the behavior of how WordPress works.

  • WordPress Address – This is the URL to access the WordPress site.
  • Site Address / SITEURL – This is the address where the WordPress core files reside.

If these URL settings are configured to use the URL “” instead of ‘’, it can give the WooCommerce https error.

To resolve this error, the WordPress URL and Site URL were both updated to use HTTPS URL using “Settings > General” option in the WordPress admin panel.

However, if the SSL is not configured correctly or SSL certificate has expired, these URLs may show error. So we validate the secure URLs before updating them in the Admin interface.

A WooCommerce site that was working fine, may show this https error if there were any updates to the Openssl binary in the server. In such cases, we configure the latest OpenSSL and recompile PHP in the server to reflect the changes.

Another setting we confirm is that the ‘Force secure checkout’ is enabled in the WooCommerce settings. This is to ensure that online payment checkouts are done only in a secure way using the SSL URL.

The Force SSL setting (WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout > Checkout Options > Force secure checkout) in WooCommerce ensures that certain pages are only shown over HTTPS when enabled. These pages are:

    Checkout > Pay (endpoint)

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  1. Thanks a lot. Changing the settings in Setting -> General is working for me.

    • Dirk, Happy to know that 🙂


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