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WordPress vs Joomla – What’s best for you?

by | Mar 13, 2021

Stuck between WordPress vs Joomla? We can help you.

Recently we had a customer who wishes to create his own website. While browsing through some of the many content management systems and found the two most popular CMS services, WordPress and Joomla.

Both services are free. In addition, a lot of web hosting providers include WordPress and Joomla as options for web development tools.

While there is a large community of free developers who belongs to the WordPress network, there are many commercial add-ons made available by professionals in Joomla.

As part of our Server Management Services, we assist our customers with several WordPress and Joomla queries.

Today, let us see a few features and flaws of both WordPress and Joomla.


Features of WordPress and Joomla

The design of Joomla allows versatility, while WordPress themes are usually content-oriented.

With Joomla, we can tailor our site to a specific purpose. WordPress, on the other hand, mostly limits to a single purpose.

To choose one of them, we must first acknowledge if we want it for blogging, an extensive website, a small site, or the kind.

The Dashboard of WordPress facilitates quick writing gives a few functions within the writing screen. While in Joomla, the control panel can be a bit strange and confusing. It has various functions.

While Joomla requires plugins, modules, and components, WordPress uses Plugins and Widgets.

It easy to grasp WordPress, but first-time users of Joomla tend to have trouble with some of its functions.

WordPress came into existence to enable its creators to publish content easily. It is successfully used as the blogging platform of choice.

On the other hand, more advanced users and websites of a slightly more static nature use Joomla.



Both Joomla and WordPress are vulnerable to hacks. Both of them face defacing and traffic redirection hack.

The core systems are safe, ie. if there would be a security problem, the security patch will release fast whether it is WordPress or Joomla.

Although we can secure them, we need to choose effective means to secure them.

Another problem with these two is their extensions and even templates.

Always you must ensure that you use the latest version from the developer’s site of the extensions repository of Joomla or the Plugins repository of WordPress.

As a bonus, here’s how we can secure WordPress:



In short, both WordPress and Joomla is an option for web hosting providers as options for web development tools. Here’s how our Support Techs look at WordPress vs Joomla.


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