VPS hosting support

24/7 server administration and technical support from Bobcares helps you deliver reliable VPS hosting services.


Virtual Private Servers offer a great balance between a tight budget and stable services, but VPSs do face stability and security issues quite frequently. During a downtime, customers expect quick, expert assistance to recover services and avoid issues in the future. This is where Bobcares can help.

Bobcares helps VPS hosting providers maintain high service quality and deliver prompt technical support. We act as your technical support team and transparently support your customers over help desk, live chat and phone. Our engineers work independently or in tandem with your inhouse team to keep your network and servers in top-notch condition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How we help


Technical support services

When things don’t work as expected, customers look for fast, expert assistance. Bobcares gives your customers 100% white labeled, 24/7 technical support available over phone, live chat and help desk.

VPS crash recovery

VPS instances and services crash for a variety of reasons, but what’s important is how quickly we restore them when it does. Our team is on stand-by 24/7 and helps you customers quickly recover from service errors, boot errors, network errors, etc.


VPS high load mitigation

High load is a common issue in VPS. It can happen due to resource limits, service mis-configuration or even security issues. We help your customers recover from a high load issue, and configure the services to avoid similar issues in the future.

VPS abuse recovery

Spamming, website hacks and brute force attacks are often reported by VPS customers. We help your customers recover from an abuse issue, and secure their VPS from such attacks in the future.

VPS provisioning and accounts administration

Customers love fast service. Quick VPS provisioning and lightning fast resource upgrades help your customers meet project deadlines. Whether your provisioning guarantee is in minutes or in hours, we make it happen.


VPS migration and setup

Customers new to VPS often need assistance in setting up their service and configuring their account with the right features. We help your customers migrate their data into the new VPS, and custom configure the VPS to match their requirements.

VPS backup management

Backups are like parachutes. When it is needed, it should work flawlessly. With daily backup process monitoring and data integrity checking, Bobcares helps you maintain a fully available, up-to-date and 100% usable backup at any point of time.

VPS infrastructure management

An issue with a VPS node affects multiple customers at the same time, affecting service reputation. With 24/7 emergency administration we promptly react to server issues, and keep your VPS nodes secured, optimized and updated with periodic audits.

Supported technologies

linux outsourced helpdesk support

cPanel OnApp support

KVM VPS support

End-user Technical Support

Provide expert assistance round the clock. 

Our experts are online 24/7 to help your customers resolve any service related issue over phone, email, help desk or live chat. We routinely fix issues that range from simple mail errors to complex boot errors. .sadasd

Recommended for: Hosting service providers who want to deliver prompt technical support 24/7. Our service includes:

Server Infrastructure Management

Ensure server speed, security & uptime.

We monitor and maintain your services so as to ensure high uptime, security and speed. Our experts make sure that your server doesn’t go through an un-scheduled downtime, and in case of failues, restore services within minutes.

Recommended for: Server infrastructure owners who need expert assistance in ensuring high quality of service. Our service includes:


24/7/365 availability


100% white labeled


Email & Help desk support


US based phone support


Live chat support


Response and resolution time SLAs


Dedicated quality assurance team


VM/Web hosting specialization


Certified information security


Certified support quality


Security monitoring


Performance monitoring


Server health monitoring


24/7 emergency support


Periodic server hardening


Regular performance optimization


Vulnerability monitoring and patching


Timely system updates