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3 reasons why Django is the ideal development platform for startups

3 reasons why Django is the ideal development platform for startups

One of the common questions startups ask us is, “What technology should we use?”

For startups, speed of development is key. Most startups work on a limited budget and within a small window of opportunity. For such situations, we recommend Django as the development framework. Here’s why.


Fast prototyping

Startup companies often need to present proof of concept to attract investors. We recommend using Django twist, as the pages can be quickly developed using Djnago’s template language and extensive libraries. The templates are 100% re-usable in actual production environment, thereby saving time in actual product development later on. We have seen up to 40% savings in prototype development time using Django when compared to other frameworks.


Fast development

We believe engineering time should be focused on developing new features than re-inventing the wheel. Django comes with extensive libraries for all common application features, such as user management, various validation functions, admin interface functions, security management, etc. This ready availability of tried and tested code helps us focus our time on perfecting the application’s unique features. From a project management perspective, Django’s strict code structure cuts down time required for collaboration (explaining flow, logic, etc.), and code maintenance.



One of the biggest worries of startups while deciding a technology is the ability to scale up. It is likely that a viral component in the product would gain traction at some point, and quickly gain thousands of users. It’s a balance between up front heavy investment and product reliability in face of sudden growth. Django makes it easy to scale up due to its shared-nothing architecture. Servers can be added at any level, thereby increasing the throughput virtually in a matter of hours. Additionally, Django’s ORM supports easy migration to another database type, enabling quick capability upgrades. Django integrates easily into most popular caching, queuing and indexing systems. This lends to a stable architecture that can be quickly developed, and can scale well at short notice.

When you are on limited time and resources, and you want an easily scalable application, Django could be your best bet.

Are you considering Django for your web application? We can help you in evaluating your options.


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