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A Tribute: To Arun Aniyan

It was a sad day for Bobcares. An unbelievable one for his colleagues and a shocking one for his family and friends.

On 6th September, 2008, the untimely demise of Arun Aniyan after a road accident, was an upsetting one to every employee in Poornam/Bobcares. He was 23 years old.

From 2007, he worked in Bobcares/Poornam as a Junior Software Engineer. A brilliant engineer, a great friend to his colleagues and a dutiful son to his parents. He was a blessing to everyone who knew him.

His simple behavior, good attitude, pleasant and serene nature was what made him a special person to everyone who knew him.

What a sad day for us, that Arun’s life was undone by such an accident. But, as we have already heard, The Lord always picks the sweetest smelling flowers the earliest.

Arun, you have touched a lot of lives and it is impossible to say where you made the largest impact. Our hearts go out to your bereaved family. We would like to assure them that we will stay united with them in every thought and
deed, in this moment of profound grief.

We shall strive for your immortality by keeping your ideals alive. You will continue to live in our memories for ever!
We pray that your soul may rest in peace.

From all of us at Bobcares/Poornam.

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  1. I know those evenings are not going to come back. At the Poornam’s Quarters at Kalamassery, we used to have prolonged discussions, jokes and harmless comments. Arun was the piece de resistance of such occasions. We, Farshad, Fazil, Hari, Kiran, Shekhar, Santhosh, Arun K, Faris, Me and other Kalamasery Boys could never get out of those memoirs.

    While the still morn went out with Sandals gray,
    He touch’d the tender stops of various Quills,
    With eager thought warbling his Dorick lay:
    And now the Sun had stretch’d out all the hills,
    And now was dropt into the Western bay;
    At last he rose, and twitch’d his Mantle blew:
    To morrow to fresh Woods, and Pastures new.

    –Lycidas (John Milton)

  2. Arun was a gem of a person. He was the best human being I had ever met in my life. I have always envied his calm and simple nature. He never hurt others feelings and I have never ever heard him complain about anything. He indeed was a very intelligent guy who appears to be jovial every time you see him.

    Arun and I worked together for some months. He won everyone’s hearts in our team so fast. He had great problem solving ability and no one had any complaints about his work. He was more than perfect and dedicated to his profession.

    I would cherish every moment spent with him. He will remain immortal in our hearts forever.

  3. I didn’t know Arun personally, but I would still like to let his friends and family know that my heart goes out to them.


  4. Great Arun…………

    We became friends soon after he joined Poornam. Became closer when he was in my team. We shared many moments discussing cinema, the main discussion topic whenever we met.

    He was a person who never refused any work he was given. That he proved on our Onam Celebration day (05-09-2008).

    We last parted on 05-09-2008 at about 11:30PM and said to him “OK, meet you tomorrow”; and ……… :'(

    I pray his soul may RIP.

    :'( :'( :'(

  5. I feel as if I am in a Dream for last two days, and what all happened was a nightmare…. and I hope I am still in the dream.
    But then… that’s not the truth… he is gone… and that is the fact.
    We won’t be able to find a person like him every now and then,
    He was caring about all his friends and was ready with any kind of help anyone needed, irrespective of day and night.
    I bet there won’t be a single person who had bad memories about him.
    I have lost two of my friends in the past, but never had my eyes become wet, but Arun….. you threw me into tears, for the first time in my life from the days I remember…..For the first time in my life … I was not able control my emotions… This is the impact you have left on all of us … Aniya Nishkalanga…. you will always live in my memories.
    Arun….. you are a bright, shining star who has won the awe and admiration of all of us like none before.
    Why such a fate for a person like him?
    May God bless your parents, sister’s and relatives with the will to tolerate the sorrow of your untimely demise…

  6. Arun, we were together just for three weeks…..
    but like on everyone who knew you very personally,
    you have left me in shock. Your smiling face and friendly nature
    were inspirational. You will live long in our hearts.

  7. Arun,

    It’s still a shock. Really cant believe that you are gone… Just to say that you were a great friend and colleague. I have worked with you only for a few weeks. But, your friendly, helpful and simple nature is going to stay alive in my heart forever.
    Thanks for being a great friend and a wonderful human being.

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